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Eisa Ulen Remembers Her Friend, Erica Kennedy

I don’t want to jot down in the past tense. I have to use the past tense not only as a result of I’m writing concerning the past, but in addition as a result of I am writing about right now. This current. This presence. My sister. Our pricey, lovely, wonderful, fantastic, sensible, sharp sister. where does stone island originate from Who’s now gone from this earth, and but so very present. A presence.

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As I stood in JFK and heard Nikki say, “I am unable to even consider I am telling you this and you are at the airport,” I felt the last moment of my personal stability tick tock away. In the subsequent breath she informed me about Erica. Our Erica. Our sister Erica. A sound came out of me, and that i cried, and i didn’t care that others have been watching me as this sound got here out of me and that i cried. And I have been unstable ever since.

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