Stone Island’s Heat Reactive Jacket Adjustments Color Depending On Temperature

Desire a jacket that makes you look like you’re being possessed by an alien life kind? You’re going to love this Heat Reactive Jacket, which steadily changes color depending on the temperature around you.

Garment-Dyed Membrana TC Light Jacket In RedWithin the cold, it looks like a regular bomber jacket in probably the most unassuming dark shade. Island Once it feels the temperature rising, although, the exterior materials slowly alters itself right into a shiny and vivid shade of green, permitting you to act like a radiation sufferer about to have a Hulk-like transformation.

The Heat Reactive Jacket performs the magical metamorphosis by the use of heat-sensitive liquid crystals that cover the cotton nylon canvas fabric. Good for sporting within the rain, the garment options full waterproof qualities, a hooded neckline with visor, a zip-up closure, snap-regulate cuffs and a drawstring backside hem. It is obtained a pair of pockets, too, so you’ll be able to cover a spy camera in case you need to report all those weirded-out faces who thinks your body’s being taken over by a scary alien (make sure to act the part).

Created by Stone Island, the Heat Reactive Jacket is out there in black and darkish green. Apparently, looking like you’re a radiation sufferer isn’t cheap — it goes for a dear $763.

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