Stone Island X Supreme

With the a lot success following their first outing, Italian label Stone Island and the American cult skate label Supreme have once again collaborated.

The new assortment incorporates prints in a paisley sample palette of navy blue and burgundy. The prints are used on the Anoraks and T-Shirts are completely made by Stone Island, while the six panel caps are made by Supreme.

The striped T-Shirt in washed jersey takes inspiration from Stone Island’s archive piece from the 0s but features the Supreme print on the again.

The Anorak, in the iconic iridescent Stone Island fabric Nylon Metal 5C, is 5-colour printed with a motif made by Supreme solely for this collaboration. The model is the re-edition of a bit of the primary 82 Stone Island assortment. It features reverse logos with Stone Island Badge held by steel buttons on the chest and a Supreme print on the again.

The six panel cap, made in the identical Nylon Metallic 5C of the Anorak, carries the Stone Island patch emblem on the front and the Supreme embroidery on the again.

Garment-Dyed Cotton Effect Bermuda Shorts In Light Brown

Since 1994, Supreme represents the house of recent York Metropolis skate tradition and the embodiment of downtown culture. Now dominating as global brand in the world of streetwear, Supreme have gainned a large fan base by collaborating with manufacturers from Vans to 47 brand, while working with a few of our generation’s most groundbreaking designers, artists, photographers and musicians – all who’ve helped proceed to outline its unique identification and angle.

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