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Vikings Mine Gold In Arizona Hundreds Of Years Before Columbus

There is a chapter “Lost Viking Mines and Thriller Ship” from the e-book “Buried Treasure Information.” It tells of an Indian legend instructed about the world of Purple Rock, Arizona, simply northeast of Tucson.

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An Old Indian Medicine Man said that there were several wealthy mines in the Red Rock area. They have been worked by a band of tall, fierce, red-bearded white males several hundred years before the first Spanish Conquistadors.

He said, ” A gaggle of fierce, white warriors in unusual costumes came into the land, brandished spears and battle axes. They killed a lot of stone island x nike jacket our brothers. These invaders screamed and roared in battle. Our weapons have been useless – they were protected by metallic shirts.” There are numerous Rune inscriptions on rocks in this space to prove the reality of this legend.

Proof South of the Border:
The Aztecs spoke of White Gods coming down the river in Dragon Ships. They have been tall bearded and wore winged helmets. You possibly can see the Vikings within the Aztec pictographs.

Rune-Mysteries in Argentina:
There may be an excessive amount of proof in Argentina of Vikings being there. Blond mummies, warriors with horned helmets, linguistic parallels between native tongues and Scandinavian and Runes, Runes, Runes!

There are the records of the demise of three Augustine Monks in a South American mission which was stone island x nike jacket begun in 1356. Stone Island Outlet Their unique monastery was in Greenland. The data are still in the Vatican archives.

The Medina Stone, from Tucuman, Argentina has Runic Inscriptions. It shows the mixture of Christian and Pagan Religion still current in the exploring Vikings. It Reads:

“Christ over the arrows of Wotan and Thor in Land, Pagan Land of Brasis Ur Island of Noerr.” We can not simply read it like we do. But it’s Viking and dates to thirteenth Century.