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BBQ Island Construction one hundred and one

Okay, so now that I am the proud owner of a brand new grill head, it can be really nice to have a place to put it! So, I am off to find a panorama company to construct my new island. My wife and i settle on one with good references and explain the model we would like. He takes the plan and we do not hear from him for several weeks. I follow up with a cellphone call and to my shock he tells me he’s ready for me to let him know what kind of stone we wish on the skin. Wonderful. We trot down to the native stone store and pick stone. Another two weeks pass. My grill arrives. (July 20). So, I am on the phone to the landscaper. He faxes the quote: $6500! Okay, so that is a bit more than I anticipated. Oh, and did I mention that didn’t embody the drawers or doorways! So, in the imply time, I’ve found the BBQ Galore boards and have decided to take this mission on myself. I do know nothing about construction and have never built something using steel studs. However since I am unwilling to spend the $6.5K on an island, my selections are to build it myself or promote my grill. So here I’m constructing my BBQ Island. My objective is to keep as detailed notes as doable in the hope it may help others! Right here we go! Day 1 – Saturday , August 13

I am ready to get started on the bottom body. Sadly, the weather is not cooperating. It’s raining, flippantly, however nonetheless raining. Pondering positively, I head to home depot (with my 10% off coupon) to load up on track, studs, and tools. By 1400, the sun is out and I am able to work on the base frame. I understand I don’t know what I’m doing and the folks at my local House Depot have taken to operating after they see me coming. I resolve I higher get some plans. Okay, no downside I discover a set of plans on the internet and download them. That was simply the ticket. The plans detailed building techniques and described how one can progress by means of the development! So , I construct the bottom: . . Time in undertaking: 2 hours (not counting Dwelling Depot time) Day 2 – Sunday, August 14

Okay, I am feeling fairly good about the construction however realize (after studying a bit more) that I messed up the development of the bottom body. The 2 tracks on the grill aspect of the island (not by the house or the facet yard) ought to have extended to the corresponding again tracks. Nice, I re-lower and re-assemble the frame. I then proceed to build the tip wall again top rails and finish wall: It’s the end of the second day. I’ve acquired about 6 hours into the construction of my island and I’m very happy with my progress. Time in project: 6 hours. Day three – Monday, August 15 (After work)

I’m prepared to construct the BBQ frame. I do the math (three times) and have my wife check it. The body needs to be 26″ deep and fifty one” lengthy. This accounts for the 42 �” grill, �” backer board all around, and the width of the three 5/eight” studs. Nice. I full construction of the BBQ body. Nonetheless feeling fairly good, I go to place it in place and guess what It’s too massive. What the heck is going on here Okay, so I neglected to take into consideration the width of the studs when planning the overall length of the BBQ island. Now what Okay, so my wife says “didn’t you draw it out on paper first ” I reply “properly, yes, however I forgot some stuff.” So, back to the graph paper. It turns out that I didn’t account for the width of the studs on the island itself. I did account for the width on the BBQ frame, just not the island. So, the long and short of it’s that the 2 observe pieces should be four �” longer. I don’t know if the track might be extended so, I am replacing (yet once more) the two bottom tracks on the BBQ aspect. I’ve re-reduce the one track to 88 �” however I’m out of C monitor for the back side. It is late and I am tired and the mosquitoes are in every single place. I am finished for tonight. Tomorrow I hope to be the place I used to be last Sunday. You will notice the observe closest to the camera is longer than the back observe. The longer monitor is 88 �”. Tomorrow, the back track can be also! So, boys and women, the ethical of at this time’s story is to at all times draw the plans on paper, test your math (keep telling my children that), and at all times have your mom, er wife, examine your work. Listed here are just a few pics of the again yard (discover the grill nonetheless within the field covered with plastic): Time in challenge: 8 hours. Day 4

Ordered The Designer’s Edge 50 watt BBQ gentle from BBQs Galore in Plano, TX. Hope to have it by the weekend. Due to a number of individuals on the BBQs Galore forums for placing me onto this light! particularly groundpounder03 for his generous supply to select one up for me. Rain! Day 5

I determined to take a day of vacation to work on the island. I had hoped to complete framing the island at the moment. The drawer set and access doors are due to be delivered and i’ve obtained sufficient steel studs and monitor to complete the project! I’m up early and head to the gym. Again round one thousand to start out building! First off I name the trucking company to see when the doors and drawers shall be here. To my supprise, the trucking company tells me I need an appointment for delivery. They were more than pleased to setup the appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Nice. Effectively, I’ve nonetheless acquired a pair issues to do on the island and then a number of issues across the home… so I believed. First issues first. I reduce the monitor for the back piece that I screwed up the other day. While I’m chopping, I take advantage of the chop saw to chop 9 36″ studs to put alongside the back and sides for assist. A buddy at work loaned me a chop noticed that I outfitted with a metal slicing blade. It really makes brief work of the studs and monitor. So, I get the monitor down, studs in place and top observe positioned and screwed on. Now it is time to build the back of the BBQ frame. Since I already built that piece, I middle it and put it in place. I cut 10 extra 36″ studs and position them. Here’s the primary problem of the day (it’s about 1400). The BBQ body appears to be nearly a quarter inch shorter than the again rail! What the heck is occurring I measure every stud and they are spot on 36″. Turns out, I obtained going a bit too fast on those back studs. Two of the studs were not completely flush with the bottom track. These two studs have been elevated by virtually a quarter inch. Remove eight screws and fix the problem. Now I make a go over the island to make sure I didn’t miss a screw or two (which I did). Here’s the scarry half. I get my framing sq. out and examine each corner to ensure the BBQ body is square. It’s!!! I test the measurements and they’re right on (nicely virtually I feel the entrance is a 1/64″ off). Close enough for BBQ work. Okay, so I am nearly finished for the day once i hear these six little words that actually imply I am not carried out but: “You realize what would be good ” In this occasion, what would be nice is an arched entry door on the again aspect of the island. This “storage area” might be used to retailer wooden for the hearth pit (which we’ve used as soon as). To construct the arched door, I take a piece of monitor and reduce slits �” apart. The observe is 50″ lengthy and that i leave 12″ on every end to secure to the studs. I take away the stud that was in place (studs are on sixteen” centers) and move it to the top of the island. I then add one other stud 16″ away from the one I just installed. This can enable for a sixteen” access. Subsequent I take the observe with all the cuts and mount it 7″ up from the base track on each stud. This makes the arch 27.5″. I then set up a header and afix every thing with screws. You realize, I don’t assume it seems to be too unhealthy. Tomorrow, I hope to have the doors and drawers. Since I haven’t any earthly concept how to install these drawers, it ought to be an thrilling day. Time in venture: 14 hours Day 6, Thursday, August 18, 2005

Doors and Drawer set have arrived. Day 7 Saturday, August 20, 2005
I am wanting to complete the framing for the grill and doors today. Since I screwed up a couple of observe sections, I will need to chop and substitute them. I measured and lower the studs for the body and created a header above the opening. The doorways require a 36″ cutout so the sides are adjusted for a snug fit. Next, I build the support for the back of the grill. This is solely a brace that extends up from the ground so the back of the grill can relaxation on it. The height of the assist must match the front assist. I additionally must take into account the overall peak of the grill. The top of the island will be finished with �” backer board and slate tile on high of that. It is vital to incorporate the peak of the skinny set that shall be used to set the tile in! That is �” also. So, my grill wants to come back up almost a full inch. I will accomplish that by using two sheets of �” (really three/8″) backer board for the grill to set on. This can even allow me to degree the grill. Now time for a test fit of the doors! It is a tight match, however I feel that’s the way it should be. Now, again to the grill brace. Time in project: 18 hours. Day 7, Sunday, August 21, 2005

I’m not feeling the most effective immediately however I’d really like to complete the grill brace and get a part of the framing executed for the drawer set. I didn’t have a lot work left on the grill brace and it was finished up rapidly. Time for a take a look at match of the grill! The grill is a forty three” TEC inferred grill. The fit is good. It seems to be like I am out of square by perhaps 1/eight” from front to again and the grill wants to come up within the again left nook by the same quantity. (nothing just a little shim can’t handle!) Subsequent I start to work on the framing for the drawer set. I actually do not understand how to do that, so, I think I will frame out a “window” like header and construct one other help within the back of the drawer set. It actually shouldn’t be much different than the grill besides it’s fully enclosed. The drawer set will slide in and be fastened using one or two screws. I managed to get the studs minimize but I am really not feeling well so I am carried out for the day. Time in project: 21 hours. Day 8, Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I have been sick-as-a-dog for the previous few days, however I’m feeling much better at present and hope to finish the drawer enclosure. Stay tuned for extra updates. Day 9, Friday, August26, 2005

My goal today is/was to complete up the framing. I need to finishing framing the enclosure for the drawer system. I appear to have minimize the bottom studs simply a couple of quarter inch too long. I trim those and safe them to the C monitor with screws. A protracted-time friend (from highschool) came out from Nebraska for a visit and he just arrived. Of course, I put him to work! So, after serving to Dave unload his bike (Goldwing), we finish framing out the drawer set. I get the front framing performed and now want to figure out what the drawer system will rest on. Dave suggests we simply run two rails from the bottom of the frame to the rear C observe. Sounds good to me so we get began. The rails are about 30.5 inches long and need to be at the identical height as the entrance of the body. I build a small ledge on the again C monitor and run the rails from the front to the again. Time for a check match. That’s it for at this time. I believe most of the framing is done (except for some braces accross the highest of the counter area). Sorry, no footage today. Time in venture: 24 hours. Day 10, Saturday, August 27, 2005

Okay, immediately I will finish up the framing and start on the backer board. Great! Dave and i get started about 0800 with a trip to Lowes. I want a couple objects: Saws-all, blades, romex, containers, and a few different gadgets. It seems I am unable to go to Lowes or Dwelling Depot in less than an hour (regardless that it’s three minutes from the house). So, about an hour and fifteen minutes later, I am back at residence with my new purcheses. We get started on the electrical. By this time my neighbor, and excellent good friend, Brad, comes over to help. Effectively, it is sizzling out. Brad brings over a canopy! Great! This makes the work a bit cooler! Thanks, Brad. So, to complete the electrical, I need to run the romex into the house and through the island. Earler in the summer, I employed a plumber to run gasoline to the surface where I knew the island can be. I punch one other hole proper by the road and use the identical area the plumber did to run the romex. Labored like a champ. Next, I install my two water tight containers on the ends of the islands. The first outlet must be a GFI breaker. The others feed off that. In fact once i made my first trip to Lowes this morning, I had solely deliberate on one outlet on the island. My wife wished another outlet on the opposite finish so, again to Lowes to get one other box and stuff. Whereas I used to be gone, Dave accomplished wiring the island. So, I’ve got electrical coming in to one end of the island in to a GFI outlet, then heads over to a J field the place my built-in gentle can be connected. From the J Field, it feeds my second outlet on the far finish of the island by the grill. Now we can start on the backer board! I did neglect to say earlier than we started on the electrical, we rotated the island on it is aspect and installed backer board on the bottom. We figured we would higher do that now whereas we may still elevate the island! We’re using quarter inch backer board on all sides except the grill enclosure where we’re utilizing half inch. We set up backer board on the highest counter. Then we start on the sides. These items goes up actual straightforward. After all, it doesn’t damage that we’ve 3 folks working on it! After taking a brief lunch break, we get back to the backer board. Before placing the backer board on the again aspect of the island, we ensure the fuel line (from Lowes) was not leaking. After that, it’s back to the backer board. Okay, it’s about 1545, I’ve obtained to get out of here and head to the Bronco’s recreation. We have received an incredible amount executed immediately. A lot of the backer board is up, the electrical is almost executed, and the fuel line is run. Great! Some of the photographs are a bit darkish. Okay, so it will get a bit tougher to compute the time in project. With out trigering a stone island umbrella debate on the mythical man month, I’m using an element of two.5 to compute the time in mission when all three had been working. Time in mission: 38.5 Day 11, Sunday, August 28, 2005

I would like to get all the backer board on as we speak. My pal, Dave, went for a journey within the mountains so it’s simply Brad and myself. Of course it is not likely a work day with out a visit to Lowes again. This time to get some nook bead and some extra sheets of backer board. Okay, Brad and that i get the entrance sheet put up and end up the again. This work goes a bit slower because of all the cut outs for the grill, access doors, and drawers. Here is a lesson realized: Although it might sound like a good idea to make use of a saws all to do the cutouts, it is not. Get one of those drywall saws and use it. I sawed into the steel studs a pair times with the saws all. Dave’s back and working on the ends of the island with Brad. I am engaged on the small arched entry door on the back facet. I determined to score the back of a strip of backer board and install it on the inside of the arch. This fashion I am going to have the ability to attach rock when i get to that time. It’s a slow course of, however I finally get it completed. In the meantime, Brad and Dave get the 2 ends completed together with the cutouts for the electrical boxes. You know, I think we’re executed! You know what comes subsequent, put the grill in, insert the drawer system, and put the access doors on. We had slightly downside with the match of the grill. Appears I am out of sq. by about 3/8″. Not a lot I can do about it now. We get the grill leveled, gas hose connected (we used a quick disconnect fitting on the grill). And the whole lot is ready to go. I start cleansing up the mess whereas Dave and Brad ensure we didn’t miss something. The grill is the one concern. Because it had to be shimmed to be degree, I’ll must do some “magic” with the stone. Well, the framing and backer board are done. We’ve bought every part installed and the only thing left is to put the rock on and the tile counter top. We gotta test the grill! Hamburgers anybody This grill gets extremely popular: Rough building full. There is no approach I may have done all this myself in 2 days. I’d wish to thank Brad and Dave for his or her help. Time in project: Fifty three.5 hours. Day 12, Friday, September 2, 2005.

I have never labored on the island for 4 days. I ordered the stone on Tuesday from Legacy Stone. Legacy is a local firm ( . Stone is ordered by the square foot. I calculated my total sq. footage by measuring the floor and subtracting out the sq. footage for any cutouts. This gives me the overall square footage for the island. Since I’m utilizing manufactured stone, I’ll make the most of the pre-made nook pieces. These nook pieces are bought by the linear foot. Of course this reduces the quantity stone I will have to cover the remainder of the island. So, turns out, just subtract the total linear footage from the square foot calculation. If you happen to give it some thought, the linear footage IS the sq. footage of the nook items. Whole cost of the stone is $500 and change including supply. The stone was delivered yesterday and naturally, there’s a problem. I ordered 50 square toes of ledge stone plus 20 linear toes of corner items. Seems they forgot to include about half of my corner pieces. So, I am on the phone attempting to resolve this drawback. Since the gal I dealt with was out right now, I get to speak with someone else. They are fairly nice about it and are willing to re-deliver the pieces� next Tuesday. Nicely, that won’t wash so I am off to Arvada (45 minutes North). I finally make it up there and get my stone. It’s about 1500 Friday afternoon, and I’m just now beginning to work. So, on tap for this afternoon, I want to use my 30# felt paper and the metal lath. Okay, so this is my recommendation to anybody working with metallic lath: Wear GLOVES!!!!! I don’t know what is on prime of prison fences, but I’m sure what ever it is, it’s no the place near as sharp as this metal lath stuff. It is like little razor blades. First I put the tar paper up and tack it in place with very small nails. I place the steel lath over the tar paper about �” from the edges. The lath is held in place utilizing screws ( I used Backer On � screws) on four inch centers. Sure you’ll use a lot of screws. I suppose the alternative is to have your lath come free and your rock will then be free to flap and finally fall off! Your alternative. As soon as I get the lath up, I return and find all areas that are not 100% securely held towards the paper. I then add a number of screws to maintain that space safe. Over engineered Maybe. I’ve accomplished about half the island. I am going to end it up tomorrow morning. Photos tomorrow! Time in venture: Fifty eight.5 hours. Day 13, Saturday, September three, 2005

0730, I am up early as we speak to finish the lath. I need to make cutouts for the drawer system, grill and access doors. After I make these cuts, the lath goes right up. Two hours later, I’m finished. 600+ screws are holding on the lath! I’m prepared to begin putting up the stone. However first, off to Lowe’s for an angle grinder and a diamond cutting wheel. I am not sure if I will need it, however I want to have it round simply in case. A couple of days ago I picked up some mortar combine (Kind S). I got eight bags. I am hoping that might be sufficient. We’ll see. I’ve never achieved something like this before. The notes I acquired from Legacy Stone say to combine the mortar to the consistency of mashed potatoes. Okay, so, in goes the bag and the water. Then mix, mix, mix� Yep, that is me, mixin’ the mortar. I lastly get the mortar to what I think is the proper consistency. Then I begin with the scratch coat. Again, according to Legacy Stone, I place a thin layer of mortar on the lath then “butter” the again of a stone and firmly place it on the scratch coat. As soon as again, problems! Seems the oldsters at Legacy Stone like their mashed potatoes a bit smother than I’m used to. So, I add a bit more water and the results are much better! I learned the “wetter” the mortar the higher. Not soupy, just a pleasant smooth mortar. No lumps. Only a bit thicker than Cream of wheat! Once I get the mortar the way it must be, I butter the again of a corner piece and put it in place.

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