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Additionally Rapa Nui (Spanish Isla de Pascua).
A triangular-shaped island (area: 117 sq km or forty five sq mi) belonging to Chile, within the South Pacific Ocean, about 3700 km (about 2300 mi) west of the Chilean coast.

Garment-Dyed Cargo Shorts In OrangeThe island is formed of three extinct volcanoes. Swept by sturdy trade winds, the realm is heat all year long. Indigenous vegetation consists primarily of grasses. Potatoes, sugarcane, taro roots, tobacco, and tropical fruits are grown within the fertile soil. The prime source of fresh water is the rain that gathers within the crater lakes. In 1722 a number of thousand Polynesians inhabited the island, but illness and raids by slave traders diminished the quantity to fewer than 200 by the late nineteenth century. Some intermarriage has taken place between the Polynesians and the Chileans.

The island was named by a Dutch explorer who landed right here on Easter Day in 1722. The Chilean government annexed the island in 1888. An area on the western coast is reserved by the government for the indigenous inhabitants; the remainder is used as grazing land for sheep and cattle.

Easter Island is of considerable archaeological significance both as the richest site of the megaliths (see Megalithic Monuments) of the Pacific island teams and as the only supply of evidence of a form of writing in Polynesia.

Little or no is known about the people who made the megaliths and carved the picket tablets. One belief is that settlement of Easter Island occurred about 18 centuries ago, although some students contend that the settlement occurred more recently. Previous archaeological and botanical evidence instructed that the island’s authentic inhabitants had been of South American origin and that the ancestors of the current Polynesian population traveled in canoes from the Marquesas Islands, massacred the inhabitants, and made the island their home. Many archaeologists believed that on the time of the invasion the megaliths, including about 600 statues, were standing all through the island and that many were destroyed by the Polynesians during a interval of violence on Easter Island, but recent pollen and DNA research level to a more historic (30,000 years) Polynesian origin for the Island inhabitants.

Largest of the extant stone monuments are the good burial platforms, known as ahus, which were used to help rows of statues. The ahus had been situated on bluffs and in other positions commanding a view of the sea. Every ahu was constructed of neatly fitted stone blocks set without mortar. The burial platform usually supported 4 to 6 statues, although one ahu, referred to as Tongariki, carried 15 statues. Inside many of the ahus, vaults house particular person or group burials.

About 100 statues stand on the island nowadays (most have been re-erected by fashionable visitors); they range in top from 3 to 12 m (10 to 40 ft). Carved from tuff, a tender volcanic rock, they consist of huge heads with elongated ears and noses. Materials for the statues was quarried from the crater called Rano Raraku, the place fashionable explorers found an immense unfinished statue, 21 m (sixty eight ft) long. Most of the statues on the burial platforms bore cylindrical, brimmed crowns of red tuff; the biggest crown weighs approximately 27 metric tons.

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Excavations have also disclosed hidden caves containing decayed remains of tablets and picket images, and numerous small picket sculptures. The tablets are coated with finely carved and stylized figures, which appear to be a form of picture writing.

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