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For Such A Small Island

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Despite its title, Easter Island is not filled with big bunnies laying brightly wrapped chocolate eggs. The truth is, it’s a Polynesian Island that is famous for some fairly superb statues. Check it out!

Easter Island is one of the vital isolated inhabited islands on the planet. It’s located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean at the most southeastern level of the Polynesian triangle. Easter Island is a territory of Chile, which is about 3,600 km (2,237 miles) east of the island. The capital of Easter Island is Hanga Roa.

A quick History
For such a small island, Easter Island has a wealthy and difficult history. Most experts consider the island’s authentic inhabitants to have been Polynesian. However, many locals say that the islands authentic inhabitants got here from two totally different races – one called Hanau eepe (or Long Ears) who had truthful skin and crimson hair, and the opposite called Hanau momoko (Short Ears) who were darkish skinned and more usually Polynesian wanting.

The first recorded [KWLINK ]European contact[/KWLINK] with the island was on April 5,1722 (which was Easter Sunday) when Dutch navigator, Jacob Roggeveen, visited the island briefly (therefore the island’s title). On September 9, 1888 the island was annexed by Chile stone island swimwear sale underneath the Treaty of Annexation of the Island, which was signed with the Rapanui individuals who have been confined to a settlement. The remainder of the island was rented out for sheep farming until 1953 when management of the island was handed over to the Chilean Navy. In 1966, the island was reopened to the public.

The Moai Statues
Easter Island is finest recognized for its monumental stone statues known as Moai. Experts believe these statues date back anywhere from 400 to 1700 Advert. The statues are sometimes thought to only present huge heads, however they are actually of total torsos. However, most of the statues have sunk into the earth, with solely their heads displaying. A complete of 887 of those statues, thought to be symbols of the island’s ancestors, have been discovered on the island.

Do you know
– The official languages of Easter Island are Spanish and Rapa Nui.
– Only about three,800 folks reside on Easter Island.
– Easter Island’s Rapa Nui National Park is an UNESCO World Heritage site.

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