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The Oak Island Compendium

On this letter, Thompson mentions seeing Mr. Creighton. This was undoubtedly Augustus Oliver Creighton (known as A. O. Creighton), who owned the Bookbindery (along with his brother Herbert) through which the 90 Foot Stone was stated to have been put on public display.

Winter 2015 Mens Clothing Fur Collar Hooded Down Jacket In OliveDrabSo here we now have Jotham (J. B.) McCully, the man who gave us the earliest mention (1862)of the inscribed stone taken out of the cash Pit in 1803 or 1804, and A. O. Creighton, the man in whose window the stone was said to be displayed, talked about in the same letter. Both these men were members of the corporate attempting to recover the treasure on Oak Island at that period in time.

It is the second paragraph which grabs our consideration. It is being recommended that “a piece of the stone” be sent to a lady in Boston. What stone Why send a bit of it In fact, the fast conclusion to jump to is that it is the 90 Foot Stone. Both McCully and Creighton were concerned in eradicating the stone from John Smith’s fireplace in his former farmhouse on Oak Island. The reply as to why might easily be thought to be because the 90 Foot Stone was said to be a kind of stone not native to Nova Scotia. Perhaps they wished to consult a lady who was knowledgeable in stones, who might establish the place of origin of the stone itself. Perhaps it was a larger piece of the 90 Foot Stone, with among the symbols on it Maybe they wanted to seek the advice of a linguistics professional This would not appear like the prudent option to have somebody assess the symbols carved on the stone though. Sending a photo or a tracing, and even an illustration of the symbols on the stone would be physically simpler and extra economical. Then we must consider the accepted timeline for the events surrounding the stone. The stone was mentioned in the three part article telling the historical past of the Oak Island Treasure Hunt, which was published in late 1863, with part three of the series printed in very early 1864. It acknowledged, partially:

“…a flag stone about two toes lengthy and one huge, with numerous rudely reduce letters and figures upon it. They were in hopes the inscription would throw some worthwhile light on their search, but sadly they could not decipher it, as it was both too badly minimize or didn’t look like in their own vernacular.” – Source: 1864 January 2 – The Colonist, Tri-weekly Version, Halifax N.S. (Newspaper)

On January 2nd of 1864, John Hunter-Duvar, secretary of the Historic Society of Nova Scotia, reads this article, and stone island resin canvas jacket immediately writes to George Cooke, a member of the current treasure hunters on Oak Island, asking to be taught who presently possesses the 90ft Stone.

“Sir, An fascinating sketch of the Oak Island enterprise seems in the “Colonist” newspaper of this morning, and of which I imagine you are the creator. You mention a flagstone bearing an inscription was found and because it was preserved within the household of Mr. Smith ‘it could also be seen by the curious at the present day.’ May I beg, in the title of the society, to be favored with the name of the particular person in whose possession the stone is, as, if authentic, it can not fail to be vital as a historical object. I’ve the honor to be Sir, Your most obedient servant J. Hunter Duvar Corr. Sec.” – Supply: 1864 January 2 – Letter written by John Hunter Duvar to George Cooke

On January 27th of 1864, George Cooke replies to Hunter-Duvar’s inquiry.
“On my return I discovered your letter of the 2nd prompt, desiring data respecting the flag-stone bearing an inscription taken out of the Outdated Pit on Oak Island, awaiting me… The stone in query was saved by Mr. Smith, who owned the place. About 40 years ago, at a time when nothing was doing on the island & when the prospects of the treasure seekers appeared altogether hopeless. Mr. Smith constructed, what was then known as, his new house. In building it, he found that this attention-grabbing stone would go well with admirably a nook within the again a part of his chimney, and as he began to consider it of no value to himself or to anybody else, on account of the operations at the island having ceased, he sadly put it into the chimney, the flat side out. Fourteen years ago Mr. Smith pointed out the stone, then & I consider nonetheless within the chimney, and assured me that it was the similar stone taken out of the “Money Pit” on the Island, in his presence. Mr. Smith has since died & the property has passed into different arms. Mr. Graves now owns the property & constructing is occupied by the present Oak Island Association. I am not conscious whether Mr. Graves is aware of something in regards to the stone being within the Chimney. On making inquiries since receipt of you letter, I discover that the chimney has been boxed round by a wooden partition, and that a flight of stairs goes up close to the place the stone is inserted. I was not aware of this before. This may increasingly forestall the stone from being bought at without trouble, and perhaps, expense, however as it is very important for the pursuits of the “Oak Island Association” if for no different object that the inscription on the stone should be deciphered, its place within the chimney ought not to ___ be an insuperable barrier to the try to decipher it being made. On the time I saw the stone I noticed that there were some rudely minimize letters, figures or characters upon it. I can not recollect which, however they seem as if that they had been scraped out by a blunt instrument, slightly than reduce with a pointy one.

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