Stone Island Presents: Elliott Energy Q&A

The chance to carry out at Stone Island Presents took place after Nick Griffiths and Heidi Fearon of artistic studio &SON saw me play reside proper at the start of the yr. They thought that I would be a superb fit for Stone Island.

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I’m not deliberately elusive on social media, I am simply not good at the entire celeb factor. I am not anti-celeb, I just haven’t got the time between music and my other two jobs to spend all day on social media. Also there may be a whole world exterior of the web. It is essential to take on-line relationships into reality. This numbers sport that lots of people seem to be playing isn’t real and it often would not correlate with gross sales/push of product (music, trend and so forth).

Since March 2016 I’ve had no label, no supervisor, no publisher, no press person and no dwell agent. So stay exhibits are pretty skinny on the bottom for me, I’ve performed reside eight occasions ever. Six of these eight in 2016, four of the eight outside of the country. I’ve been paid for every single present. There are artists which are in major offers that have played each major festival during the last two years and not been paid once. I am not anti-major label, however at the identical time no firm has/will ever exploit me. The purpose is ‘to know your value’ and in case your product is good it is going to stand up and other people will eventually come spherical, so yes the few live bits I’ve completed help. The less is extra strategy seems to be working a little bit bit for me. I’m tired of hearing “but it will be great exposure” each time any previous free-no finances alternative is thrown at me, except it’s for a good cause. You do not get up and go to work without cost, so why ought to I?

It’s so essential for manufacturers and companies to look additional afield than simply London. Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool are just some of many cities within the U.Ok. Which have such a rich music historical past and vibrant music scenes that Stone Island can tap into.

Stone Island is about efficiency, innovation and particulars. My strategy to music is similar, I’m obsessed with the small print and finish. Stone Island is a staple for a lot of and it’s wearers needn’t shout out about it, if you realize you understand. Same because the people who like Elliott Power… if you already know you realize.

No trendy musician can solely exist off simply music alone perhaps with the exception of Adele or Taylor Swift. You must be multifaceted now and enterprise down different avenues. I am from a visible background and have at all times been inquisitive about clothing. To be honest I’m probably losing my time with music, I ought to in all probability attempt to get an art director job at Saatchi & Saatchi or one thing. I think I first turned concerned with clothing by way of the early street wear dons like Hiroshi Fujiwara, Ian Brown, James Lavelle, Nigo and Pharrell. Then my introduction to high vogue and womenswear came by my girlfriend. I like going between worlds and will continue to do so.

Stone Island represents timeless quality to me and it additionally holds significance as a result of as an organization it understands that in order to know where you’re going, it’s a must to know the place you’re from. They obtain this by digging from a rich archive and playing by their own rules, these are things that I additionally attempt to apply to my own tasks.

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