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Southeast Asian Ceramics And Different Non-metallic Mineral Raw Materials Distribution

Stone Island Sweater 2014 Collection Button Collar For MenAt present, Myanmar, Indonesia’s international standing is resumed, Thailand, Malaysia and ample labor force will inevitably result in the area Ceramic Industry Quickly. Southeast Asian countries have a wealth of ceramic resources, however countries are aware of and protect useful resources. Since 1996, Thailand wax stone on the prohibition of the export of some sources. With the financial growth of Southeast Asian countries and the improvement of living standards in the close to future, can be converted into a Ceramic raw materials Consumption of land, as Japan did a lot of sources from abroad, mixed with its own sources. China and India, the consumption of resources is growing rapidly, the way forward for Asia the right way to successfully use limited resources, how sources between international locations to adjust, it is going to be An necessary issue. The next had been introduced

ceramics and different countries in Southeast Asia Non-metallic mineral The distribution of raw materials:
Silica Vietnam: Hanoi, 200 km east of the group Blue Island, SiO2 content material of 98.1% -98.5%, reserves of 10.2 million tons; Danang sixteen kilometers north of the South, SiO2 content material 98.6%, reserves of 6.Forty three million tons; Cam Ranh Bay is well-known for top-grade silica sand, silica sand reserves of 14.5 million tons of high grade, center grade silica sand reserves of 22 million tons.

Cambodia: Kompong Som Bay, SiO2 content of 99.3%, the widely distributed, will likely be carried out investigations.

Thailand: Chanthaburi along the coastline have stone island outlet zomerjas excessive-grade silica sand mine, produce 60,000 tons, Rayong, Thailand’s largest silica sand provenance, mineral Mattress About the dimensions of annual output of 400,000 tons, as well as to two silica sand origin, because of the event of the tourism industry quickly suspend manufacturing.

Malaysia: Terengganu in the claw around the world of silica sand, the smaller, no improvement; Johor region, the survey, the estimated small; Bin Tula in central Sarawak has an annual output of 130,000 tons of silica sand mine, has been exported to Japan, Sarawak has excessive-high quality silica sand, however they are hundreds of tons of small-scale deposits.

Indonesia: It is alleged that in the western Kalimantan and Sumatra, the jap state of Kedah has silica sand mine.

Silicon Stone As Cement Use of raw materials and aggregate, has not officially utilized in industrial production. Distribution in Indonesia cardamom hills, silica content of 96% -98% SiO2; in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Shenandoah me around the ancient state of health of the silicon layer of rock.

Diatomite Indonesia: have the mines throughout the country, however very small, difficult to form mining conditions. Lake Toba Samosir in the west of diatomite, there are no mining.

Thailand: Lampang space in Neogene diatomite, clay composition of excessive, center grade, annual output of 6,000 tons.

Feldspar , Weathered Kaolin Thailand: Chiangmai area is granitic pegmatite feldspar, excessive grade but small and manufacturing instability, all these years yield about 2000 tons; as much as the federal government as an space and Mai Wei areas crystal granite-sort K-feldspar, high grade, all these years yield about eight,000 tons; not removed from there up to the government albite deposits, about 15 medium and small mines in the mining, production of about 170,000 tons; Kanchanaburi (Kanchanaburi years) is granitic pegmatite feldspar, annual output 15,000 tons, is Thailand’s largest potash feldspar origin, where there are metasomatic albite deposit, annual 1. 30,000 tons; poor space, therefore, albite deposits, there are six mines in mining, the annual output of 350,000 tons, is Southeast Asia’s largest production base of feldspar.

Vietnam: Red River Valley are derived from blended rock, pegmatite granite silica feldspar weathering kaolin deposit. Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Takucoan, Dintun etc. have been carried out mineral exploration, there are 250 in Takucoan granite pegmatite veins, from the bottom Table 30 meters after the formation of weathered floor of kaolin deposits. Foucan’s largest mining can produce 7,000 ~ 8,000 tons of kaolin, feldspar 5000-6000 tons. Division of kaolin reserves of 8.2 million tons; Coastal areas the Mesozoic tuff layers of kaolin deposits in weathered, is the grade, reserves of 4,500 tons; Da Lat region is the granite weathering kaolin deposits, has confirmed that storage volume of 33 million tons of estimated reserves are 31 million tons.

Cambodia: Ranong have Claisen granite deposits, there are at the moment 5 mines in the mining, the annual output of 63,000 tons.

Indonesia: do Jian Island Clarkson in granite deposits.
Accumulation of clay Vietnam: Haiphong area formed by Quaternary deposits, ore 8,000,000 tons, plasticity; Dong Hoi region Tertiary weathering kaolin deposits, are within the grade, it was about its reserves for the 6000 tons; Dong Nai river Mekong Delta region in northern tier towel Tertiary kaolin clays, broadly distributed, reserves are 80 million -9,000 tons, annual output of one hundred,000 tons for using ceramics manufacturing facility round Ho Chi Minh Metropolis .

Laos: Vientiane surrounded by layers formed within the Quaternary clay deposits across the small-scale mining can provide ceramic and tile manufacturing use. East deposit is currently finishing up exploration on the class, confirmed reserves of 10 million tons.

Cambodia: pounds Della platform sediments with accumulation of clay, small-scale mining.
Thailand: Chiang Rai have picket section Tertiary layer clays, annual output of 1,000 tons; south Lampang Basin, Tertiary layer, Quaternary clay layer, there was exploitation of a number of annual output of 18,000 tons; Class Greg Sorbara area Tertiary lignite layers coexist with a wood part of the clay layer, 5 within the mining, annual output 300,000 tons; Uttaradit a Quaternary The kaolin clays, produce 20,000 tons; Nakhon Nayok Quaternary layer with kaolin clays, annual output of 1,000 tons; Kanchanaburi (Kanchanaburi where) there Quaternary layer kaolinite sticky, the annual output of 20000 tons; Nakhon Si Thammarat in the wood section with Quaternary clays, annual output of 8,000 tons.

Myanmar: Thailand’s northern section of wooden extending north clays, it is possible to achieve jap Myanmar, the formation of the same deposit.

Malaysia: round in Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur is surrounded by Quaternary clay layer can be used as brick, ceramic supplies, annual output of 45,000 tons; Sarawak are formed from granite and andesite accumulation of deposits of kaolin clays.

Indonesia: Don’t Stream island of tin in granite weathering kaolin clays, annual output of 90,000 tons; Bangka Island has an analogous deposit, annual output of 13,000 tons. Remark Massive In Small Author Box gaga has 1 articles on-line

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