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30th Anniversary Particular Version Product Arrives At Stone Island

Stone Island Short Sleeve Polo Shirts In BlackIt’s widely identified that advanced technical outerwear by Stone Island is amongst one of the best on this planet and because the summer season draws to an end we enter autumn/winter, the season of outerwear. Combatting wind, rain, and cold with a sequence stone island outlet on line of bespoke fabric treatments and finishing methods, Stone Island clothing is designed to be your first line of defence towards the wild winter weather.

A batch of latest autumn/winter ’12 styles have just been uploaded on the Stone Island official website and are actually obtainable to purchase on-line, including restricted edition 30th Anniversary Pieces, such as the 30/30 Jacket.

Embodying the history of three decades of exploration and innovation, the Stone Island 30/30 jacket is a actually unique piece of clothes. What you are actually getting is three jackets in one. The outer layer is a hooded parka created from rubberised satin Prismatic fabric. The mid-layer is produced from Stone Island’s signature Raso Gommato rubberised cotton satin with a polyurethane coating, which is both waterproof and windproof. Finally, the interior layer is crafted from thermo-delicate and reflective fabric, containing glass microspheres. The layers are designed to be worn each collectively or individually, offering the wearer a complete of 30 different ways to wear this unique and versatile jacket.

Stone Island 30th Anniversary Special Version 30/30 Jacket
Stone Island 30th Anniversary Particular Edition 30/30 Jacket
Price: £1575
Colour: Navy Blue
The 30/30 jacket is a cross part of the cutting-edge Stone Island. A testament to a few a long time of exploration and development, it has been designed to embody the spirit of Stone Island’s countless creativity. Linked by the signature looped rigging system, each the shell jacket and jacket liner are reversible. This implies they are often worn either collectively or alone each in 3 completely different modes: Regular, Ice, Reflective; leading to a complete of 30 different jacket states. The quite a few particulars akin to a reversible cuff and liner button have been specially engineered to make sure the graceful operation of all jacket options in every worn state. The inclusion of both natural and man made face fabrics, as well as engineered knit and down parts, be certain that the jacket might be worn throughout the broadest spectrum of climates and situations.

On the exterior, a hooded parka in rubberised satin Prismatic.
Jacket in Raso Gommato, rubberised cotton satin with a polyurethane coating, waterproof and windproof, combined with a glossy transparent and finely grooved movie to offer a three- dimensional prismatic impact that refracts light, amplifying the effects of the bi-colour double dyeing. The addition of a special agent to the dyeing recipe makes the garment anti drop.

Internal jacket with Thermo sensitive and reflective fabric. On a nylon substrate, each the glass microspheres that allow the fabric’s refractivity as well as the microencapsulated pigments that change the passage of light are incorporated and therefore the colour of the material adjustments as a operate of temperature. The ultimate impact is an organic and dynamic interplay of refraction and color. Internal knit with nylon sleeves.