Stone Island Nylon Metal Flock Hooded Jacket

Garment-dyed Cotton Satin Trousers In BrownVibrant and lightweight new Metallic Flock Hooded Jacket from Stone Island. Nylon yarn with triobate structure. The grey weft and white warp color is the grounds of the metallic and tonic sheen of Nylon Steel, some of the versatile fabrics born from the Stone Island textile analysis. Nylon Metal Flock is paired with micronized cotton. The finished piece undergoes an elaborate double dye procedure offering different shades, depth and colours to all the garment textile fibres. The addition of a particular agent to the dye formula makes the piece anti-drop.

  • Nylon yarn with triobate structure
  • anti-drop / Nylon Steel Flock paired with micronized cotton
  • waterproof / extremely breathable / double-dye remedy
  • 2-approach entrance zip closure / adjustable hood / a number of pockets / detachable badge on the sleeve
  • made in Italy

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