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They have Theories That Seem Real

Stone Island Dark Yellow Cotton Jacket For MenNobody may even count what number of mysteries there are on this world. There are mysteries from big stones like Stonehenge to disappearing people on the Bermuda triangle to alien sightings, there’s even undersea mysteries, and space mysteries. They’re everywhere. Scientists and researchers have come up with theories to clarify these mysteries. Some of them are bizarre, some reasonable, some just plain amazing. A kind of superb unsolved mysteries is Easter Island, also referred to as Rapa Nui within the native tongue. Easter Island is a sixty four mile island in the south of the Pacific Ocean.

Moai Theories
There are theories on how moais moved from place to place. A moai is a giant stone head and torso, these moai are positioned on Easter Island. Scientists have theories that appear unreal, but we can’t show that the theories are not true. They have theories that seem real, however we can’t show these both. One of the bizarre to me is the “Alien Concept”. The theory is that this: an alien spacecraft crashed on Easter Island, leaving the aliens trapped on Earth. They were so bored; they began carving the stones, and moving them with their extra superior tools. Since there may be lack of bushes on Rapa Nui, there can be the speculation that the moai stone island nylon membrana hooded jacket was put on a tree roller and rolled to the designated spot this is named the “Rolling Idea”. Most people believe this can be the more than likely manner of moving a moai, and the “Strolling Concept” can also be believed true. The strolling principle can be swaying and tilting the moai. This has a excessive chance of the moai falling over though. Another theory is sure folks had the power to control the moais, and make them stroll to a place. These theories could possibly be true or false but the just one who knows the actual truth is the moai themselves.

Mysterious Moai
The mystery is actually how 10-83 tons big stone heads known as a moai could get transported miles and miles. On common, they stand 13 ft high and weigh 14 tons. There are 887 moais discovered to date. Most people discuss with moais as “heads” but they are literally heads and torsos. Some consider that the moais could represent powerful people. There are also “topknot” shaped brown stones referred to as a pukau. There has solely been one hundred pukaus found so far. The pukaus sit on high of some moais. Pukau may have represented dressed hair or headdresses of purple chook feathers worn by chiefs throughout Polynesia. The moais and pukaus sit on a large alter known as an ahu. Ahus are usually black, stone, rectangular, alters. Ahus are on common about four feet tall. The largest moai is known as Paro; Paro is 33 toes high and weighs about 83 tons. There are some heavy moai as much as 10-thirteen tons moai, and some up to 80 tons. Moai go from 3 to 33 toes in length.

In conclusion no one is aware of how these big heads and torsos bought to be where they are at the moment. Scientists have many theories about how these heads bought to Easter Island. I believe the walking idea and the rolling principle are true as a result of the other one appears not logical. I do not consider in aliens. Though we do not know the way these amazing moai received to Easter Island, we are able to still get pleasure from them and study.


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