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By The Dutch Batavia Arrack Overview

Stone Island Crewneck Wool Sweater Grey and Dark stone island junior france Grey StripeWe’ll begin by saying what Batavia Arrack isn’t: rum. Well, not exactly. This obscure spirit is like a distant cousin of rum, made with both molasses and rice. It originated in Indonesia, again when that island nation was a Dutch colony and Jakarta went by another title, Batavia. You’ll discover the label says “Indonesian Rum,” which is probably going a means of helping consumers understand the class by offering a close parallel.

This specific Batavia Arrack is a product of By the Dutch, a small producer primarily based in Schiedam, South Holland. The spirit was pot distilled in Indonesia from sugar cane and a small quantity of red rice, after which transported to Amsterdam stone island junior france for eight years of aging in oak barrels. Its closing stop was in Schiedam, for bottling.

It pours a light, mellow gold in the glass and has a sweet nose redolent of stone fruit, plus a deep, earthy funk. It’s scorching from the get-go, with a slight creamy texture, and starts with a dark sweetness that recalls figs, plums and prunes. That vegetal, spicy funk emerges at the middle, where grassy flavors of straw and hay leap out because the heat hits a crescendo. The ultimate notes are of pepper and grass, followed by an extended, dry finish that dances on the tongue.

By the Dutch’s Batavia Arrack is a captivating spirit. It has a deep, dark fruitiness that’s acquainted to sure sorts of rum, plus the spiced, vegetal funkiness you may encounter in potent rice-based spirits like shochu or baijiu.