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Strolling Within the Footsteps Of A Shaman Part 2

We continue the place we left off, strolling down the beach at Galveston Island, Texas. Not far from the place Elena activated the crystals I brought, there was an outcropping of stones that went into the bay about 200 feet, upon which a walkway/boardwalk was built. There have been folks fishing off both sides of the walkway, but at the tip of the boardwalk the place there was a restaurant/bar.

After we first got here up from the seashore, closer stone island junior 16 to the stones, I observed the kind of stones they have been. They had been manufactured from purple (rose) granite. There were enormous sq. chunks, simply 2,000 pounds each. Rose granite may be very special. I used to be shocked to see it in Galveston, particularly on the seashore. This stone is a mixture of black and pink granite, spiked with quartz right here and there making it shiny. It is tremendous exhausting and compact.

The final time I got here into contact with mass amounts of this stone was in Egypt. It’s fascinating to note that there is only one location in the good Pyramid where the partitions are lined with rose granite. It’s within the King’s chamber. Much more astounding is that the focus of rose granite in Egypt, is 500 miles south of the pyramids, in town of Aswan. It is believed that this one room in the nice Pyramid accommodates this granite quarried from Aswan, however it raises the question of the way it bought there. The Nile river would be the car for such heavy blocks if boats giant enough have been used. However the true beauty of rose granite is its properties and abilities of conducting and carrying sound. Which is probably the rationale why it was used solely in the King’s Chamber. Again, an entire Article may very well be written concerning the acoustical and dimensional properties produced by sound in the right atmosphere encased by certain minerals.

So, right here I’m looking at rose granite lining the boardwalk and remarking to Elena how this is similar stone used within the King’s Chamber, and also the stones I picked up from the Temple of Philae (Isis) grounds rose granite, of which I might given her just a few. It instantly made me think of Atlantis, for absolutely if the same stone was used for special purposes in Egypt, it was attainable the identical had been contained in Atlantis. What I did not know, was if these same precise stones had been really utilized in Atlantis, or the temple that’s buried within the ocean floor. I speculated they were not, since they might have all been completely coated with sea urchins, seaweed and other oceanic progress having been underwater for therefore lengthy. However then again, they confirmed telltale vertical markings of hydraulic blasting, which implies any “sea worn” exteriors were not there anymore… things that make you go “hmmmmmm”.

Then we started our stroll down the boardwalk. Elena stated she’d been guided to go this path. We went all the best way right down to where the rocks ended and there was a picket bridge to the restaurant. We crawled onto the rocks on the furthest most level the place they touched the water. We sat on them awhile.

I watched as Elena went to the very edge of one rock on the nook. The water was splashing up onto the stone and over her feet as she stood there facing out to the huge countless shelf of ocean. She put her hands together in entrance of her chin and began humming out towards the waves. A second later, a silvery fish jumped a number of feet out of the water and literally fish-tailed in joy right in front of us! A minute after that Elena exclaimed “Look! there’s a dolphin! Do you see it There’s a white dolphin!”

It took me a minute to see anything but when i did, I may see there were a number of dolphins swimming about 40 feet away from us. I did not spy the white dolphin, but I noticed several others. They had been simply taking their time, surfacing, arching and enjoying. She mentioned they loved to go to that area because they will feel the energies of Atlantis.

Stone Island Sweatshirt Ultramarine BlueA couple of moments later a large black headed chicken (a sort of loon ) popped up out of nowhere from the water. I might usually count on to see birds are available in from the sky, however this guy got here from beneath the water. I can truthfully say, I’ve by no means seen more “response” or signs from nature or animals than I did in that short span of a couple of minutes standing there with Elena.

She identified the nook rock and told me to face on it. It had the most potent amount of Atlantian energy in it and would refresh my vitality. It took me a couple of minutes to maneuver myself over large gaps and slippery seaweed that clung to the encompassing slabs. But I lastly made it to the corner rock and stood on it. I might really feel a slight tingly sensation in my ft. I consciously connected to the stone and allowed the energies that be, to stream freely by my being.

Elena typically remarked how much she cherished the energy and how stone island junior 16 good the realm was. It actually did feel refreshing and clear. Then, as if to say goodbye and thank her for showing up, the silver fish made one more jubilant soar out of the water before we made our approach back up to the boardwalk. Elena was then strolling in a straight line in the direct center of the boardwalk. She mentioned she was being advised to walk in the center. So I obtained behind her and did as she did… one foot in front of the opposite, slowly and intentionally. That is once i realized I used to be walking in the footsteps of a shaman.

We spent some extra time on the seaside before getting within the automobile and driving alongside the surface perimeter of Galveston Island. The further away we drove from this space, she remarked that the Atlantian vitality was not as robust, or was devoid. We went so far as we might and where the town ended. no more housing, no more eating places. Just one giant high-rise resort complex and plenty of lengthy grassy fields. She was being instructed to go to this space to the beach. The area was a bit extra hilly, sandy and with grassy outcroppings. We parked and walked to the seashore at this finish. The sand was very laborious and compact on the beach and several SUV’s had been pulled up proper to the waters edge where households may take pleasure in a picnic and a swim.

Earlier than we exited the parking space to walk to the beach, a number of stones had called to her. She picked them up and carried them to the beach. With an viewers of several black headed militant seagulls standing behind us, she organized the stones in a circle and put a patch of seaweed in the center, and a seashell on top of that. The seashell she had picked up from the first seaside we walked along. She appeared at the configuration and was deep in contemplation. The seagulls seemed on without flinching. She was activating one thing. Then, one stone was plucked out of the circle and thrown into the water.

I used to be shocked that just a few of the seagulls began flying towards the stone morsel she casted out. My rapid reaction was that they thought it was food she was throwing. I was much more stunned to watch because the ring chief did not hesitate to enter the water and try to retrieve it! I looked at Elena, “Did you see that What, are they doing, making an attempt to stop the work Do adversaries work by animals “. I do not remember her response but no matter it was, it indicated that Yes, certainly, the place you try to do spiritual work in larger consciousness, you might be met with many adversaries, many attempts in various methods to stop the sunshine.

The seagulls were desirous to get closer to the stone circle. Elena informed them “In a minute, you may have them when I am finished”. I chuckled. A moment later she stated “Okay seagulls, you can do what you need now” as if they have been impatient little children, at which they converged on the stone arrangement and proceeded to pick it apart and deface it.

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