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The Stone of Jas, additionally referred to as The attention of Saradomin, and The Fist of Guthix, is an incredibly historical object, certainly one of Gielinor’s oldest and most mysterious potencies, pre-dating even the primary Age and the arrival of Guthix.

The Stone of Jas is perhaps the most stable evidence of the Elder Gods and an age previous to what many believe to be the creation of the world. Its origins and early objective are unknown. It remains one among RuneScape’s most cryptic mysteries. Apparently, the Stone of Jas was used by the gods to create Gielinor, together with all life and magic upon it. It was the Stone that gave the rune essence its power.

During Whereas Guthix Sleeps, publicity to the Stone of Jas briefly boosts fight stats to level 255 in addition to offering 400,000 expertise (four a number of 100,000 each) for a participant to make use of in any skills over level sixty five.

1 History of the Stone
2 References to the Stone 2.1 The basics of Magic
2.2 The Writings of Melzar the Mad
2.3 The Oracle
2.Four The Historic Page
2.5 The Fist of Guthix
2.6 Movario and Darve
2.7 Wizard Elriss
2.8 Letters to the Chaos Elemental
2.9 “A real and Concise History of the invention of Runes”
2.10 Information Article
2.11 Spirit Realm
2.12 Lucien

History of the Stone
Jas might have been a person, as is hinted at by the Oracle and the quest log after finishing While Guthix Sleeps.

The Stone was found by Guthix when he arrived in Gielinor in the beginning of the primary Age. Although his precise use for it is unknown, Melzar the Mad believes that Guthix truly needed the Stone to wield many of the godly powers for which he is thought. With it, he appears to have created the Anima Mundi, the soul of Gielinor and all who would come to live upon it. He then used it to create life, together with many races, creatures, and flora. Different races arrived by Guthix’s creations such as the Portal of Life and the World Gate, suggesting that Guthix didn’t use the Stone to create all of the world’s early inhabitants.

Guthix would then use the Stone’s immense energy to create the magic of Gielinor, creating with it runes that allowed sure races to wield magic. When the primary Age ended and Guthix descended into the earth to relaxation, the Stone faded from historical past for thousands of years. The runes Guthix created would also fade from history, with people apparently losing any knowledge of them by the late Second Age.

Shortly after the end of the God Wars, the Fist of Guthix was created. Although its nature stays a thriller, the Fist bears a hanging resemblance to the Stone of Jas. Some gamers go as far to say the Stone of Jas is the Fist of Guthix, but that is unconfirmed. Another theory, extra possible, is that Guthix tried to destroy the Stone, it being the article round which the God Wars was centred, by utilizing his fist to drive it into the bottom. Nevertheless, it being an artefact of a higher being, he was unable to, and merely ended up imprinting it each bodily and magically into the ground, creating the Fist of Guthix.

The Stone of Jas wouldn’t resurface till the start of the Fifth Age, when it was discovered by a Fremennik Seer within the mountains east of the Fremennik Province. Shortly after its discovery, the Stone was “removed by those that stroll a better astral path”, who were probably the Lunar tribe. It is thought that the Stone of Jas created the rune essence by its presence among regular rocks, and that there’s a rune essence mine on Lunar Island in addition to within the well-known cave, which proves that in some unspecified time in the future, the Stone of Jas was on Lunar Island.

Since then, the Stone once more disappeared. As we speak, very few people know of the Stone’s existence, and even fewer perceive what it is. There are several small groups working to obtain the Stone, but as of but little progress has been made.

The Stone of Jas was lately found in an ancient temple of Guthix within the chasm below the Lumbridge Swamp Caves by an adventurer (the participant) who touched the stone and defeated an odd being that appeared from the Stone, however it was later warped away by the Mahjarrat Lucien.

References to the Stone
The Stone of Jas has been hinted at for a while, though info regarding it is often cryptic and tough to find. Because the Stone’s significance was realised, a seek for possible references has been made. The references to the stone appeared in following locations:

The fundamentals of Magic
The Stone is mentioned most prominently within the Moonclan Manual bought from Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle. The e-book particulars the invention of the primary rune essence at the start of the Fifth Age by a Fremennik, whose name has been omitted from the text. Brundt the Chieftain of Rellekka comments that this Fremennik was a Seer of their tribe.

In keeping with the e-book, a Fremennik, whose name seems as “V——-“, stumbled upon a cave in which the Stone was found. The Stone’s identify has also been omitted and is referred to as J–. The Stone was later taken, however not before affecting the smaller stones (rune essence) round it. They could be mentally changed into elements, basically the art of runecrafting. The Rune Essence Mine has plenty of digging and constructing gear, presumably implying that there was an excavation for any clues concerning the Stone of Jas; maybe the centre of the mine was the Stone’s original location.

The ebook reads:
The stone was clearly not of this world, and the mere touch of it unlocked something within the mind of V——-. As we know, the stone was instantly removed by those powers who stroll a higher Astral Path than ourselves, however its very existence showed V——- potentialities that had by no means occurred to our variety before.

His lifelong search for the stone did reveal its eventual fate, and the myths recommend that the stone could but nonetheless lie someplace within this world, however he did discover one thing of nice significance in the caves the place first he found the stone; the very rocks that had surrounded it had been subtly modified by its presence. The rocks in their contact with the Stone of J– had gained a yearning to be one thing they were not, and V——- discovered that by focusing thought upon them he might remodel them solely for brief durations of time into the very parts of the universe.

It is a mere parlour trick, as many of our younger have carried out the identical factor with essence as youngsters, making the chilly-burning fire in their arms on summer time nights, and V——- knew that should be capable of effect a everlasting change upon these stones, he may have access to the very powers of the gods themselves!

A cutscene close to the end of the Whereas Guthix Sleeps quest reveals a human discovering the Stone embedded in a stalagmite in a cave. The identify of the human differs for every participant, for unknown reasons. Some variations include Vasador, Valator, Vanjute, Verisad, Vistola, and Vonjuta. The notable sample is the title beginning with “V” and being seven letters long.

The Writings of Melzar the Mad
The scattered pages that fill the bookcases in Melzar’s Maze reveal a lot about his descent into madness following his escape from the island of Crandor. One of these pages mentions the “Cabbage of Jas”, from which the gods created all life and magic.

The web page reads:
The cabbage may very well be a connection to Guthix, since Juna said that the cabbage is his vegetable. It will also be noticed that in the Meeting History quest, the depiction of the Stone of Jas does seem to resemble a cabbage (see the picture at the top proper hand corner of the article).

However Melzar is mad, and during the “Dragon Slayer” quest when the player encounters him he summons many cabbages, so more possible his insanity has changed the word “stone” with the phrase “cabbage”.

Additionally, in RuneScape Classic, swear phrases were censored with the word “Cabbage”. This may very well be a reference to RuneScape Classic and The Stone of Jas.

The Oracle
The Oracle that lives on Ice Mountain will usually converse in riddles, and sometimes amongst the ramblings she makes a clear reference to the Stone of Jas. She will state simply: “Jas left a stone behind.”

This means that “Jas” was an precise particular person that existed even earlier than Guthix found the empty airplane he would make into Gielinor.

Nonetheless, the “Jas” the oracle mentions might simply be the Stone of Jas, and the “stone” could be Rune Essence, for at any time when the Stone of Jas was faraway from certain locations, Rune Essence was left behind.

The Historic Web page
Some imagine the Stone of Jas was talked about in the Historical Pages, old scraps of paper found within the harmful Historical Cavern. The eleventh piece of parchment reads the following:

The Fist of Guthix
The Fist of Guthix is an ancient religious site mentioned to have been created following the tip of the God Wars. The druids which guard it have many theories regarding its creation, however its Guardian of Guthix, a massive creature generally known as Fiara, is not going to reveal its origins.

The Fist of Guthix, found on stone island jas winter the centre of the positioning, appears very just like the Stone of Jas. The which means of that is unknown. It is possible that Fiara would not reveal info about the Fist’s origins so as to protect its power, assuming it is the Stone of Jas or one thing connected to it. There aren’t plenty of characters who speak about the Fist of Guthix, implying that the secrecy given to it was successful.

It is feasible that the Fist of Guthix was the actual site where the Stone of Jas resided. Seeing as the Fist has numerous energy, it might have been the Stone that handed such energy to the bottom creating the Fist. How and when the Stone was moved is still not recognized however in Postbag from the Hedge 36, Fiara lends help to this concept by implying that it was moved by Crux Eqal a while after Saradominist forces tried to take the Fist of Guthix:

I have been guarding this cave for mortal lifetimes and have encountered many who search the ability of the Fist. Thankfully, in His wisdom, Guthix deemed it necessary to further safeguard the Fist, tasking Crux Eqal with its protection. As such, those who move me are still removed from acquiring it.

From reading Movario’s notes, additionally it is possible that the Fist of Guthix was actually an imprint left behind by the Stone of Jas which might be interpreted as Guthix’s fist because it seems to be like the stone. Movario’s notes state that the Stone of Jas could be interpreted as a physique part of a god (For instance, as a substitute of saying Stone of Jas, the Saradomists name it ‘The attention of Saradomin’). Subsequently, the Fist of Guthix could possibly be an imprint printed into the bottom by Guthix’s ‘fist’ (Stone of Jas).

Movario and Darve
In Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon, two men could be found wandering the cavern’s upper ranges. These men are minions of Lucien, a Mahjarrat and private ally of Zamorak. Though they are hesitant to share their information, a Ring of Charos and/or Pendant of Lucien will persuade them to talk.

Based on Movario and Darve, they’ve been despatched by Lucien to seek out artefacts that give off a “specific kind of vitality”. Utilizing a magical detector, they have been looking out the world for years, and only now do they imagine they could also be getting shut. From Whereas Guthix Sleeps it’s revealed that this artefact is the Stone of Jas. Movario comes to the conclusion that the names “Fist of Guthix” and “Eye of Saradomin” are merely alternate names which were given to the Stone of Jas previously. If true, this leaves unanswered the question of exactly what the power at the Fist of Guthix minigame is. Movario’s notes help the concept that the Stone once resided there and left residual energies. He detected similar energies on the Lunar Isles the place the Fremennik first discovered the Stone. He also mentions discovering the same energies in Morytania, suggesting it resided there at one time as well. As soon as the quest is complete, the quest journal mentions the stone was owned by Jas, and protected by creatures he enslaved for the purpose – the Dragonkin. Because the Dragonkin did not make their presence felt on the world till the Fourth Age, instantly after the top of the God Wars, it stays unknown whether Jas had possession of the Stone before or after Guthix did.

Wizard Elriss
Wizard Elriss, a outstanding member of the Runecrafting Guild within the famed Wizards’ Tower, claims to have many theories relating to the nature of magic. A Ring of Charos will convince her to further explain her theories.

In line with Elriss, she is looking for an historical artefact that she believes is the origin of runes and the magic they create. She claims that several texts that survived the burning of the Wizards’ Tower in the yr 70 of the Fifth Age communicate of such an artefact, referring to a legendary “Eye of Saradomin”. She says that it should give off a very particular type of power, very similar to Movario and Darve claim.

Letters to the Chaos Elemental
In the fifth situation of Postbag from the Hedge, the Chaos Elemental responded to a letter with a collection of seemingly random phrases that have been quickly discovered to foreshadow future updates. One of these statements was “Chaos, soahc, Jas.” This is the earliest identified reference to the Stone by identify.

“A true and Concise Historical past of the invention of Runes”
An entry within the “Lores and Histories” part of the Official RuneScape Web site referred to as “A true and Concise Historical past of the discovery of Runes” makes an unclear reference to the stone. The story, which is alleged to have been an extract from the e book “Conversations With a Mage” by Samael Leynes, was added to the web site more than 5 years in the past.

Within the interview, an elderly mage discusses the importance of the discovery of magic. He speaks of the way in which through which the runes have been discovered, but hesitates when he discusses what else was found. This will likely consult with the Stone of Jas.

News Article
On the 15 of August, 2008, Jagex launched an article about future PvP updates. On the very bottom of this article was the next line:

The article additionally mentioned a quest which might possibly include the Stone as part of its most important storyline. Since this trace was contained inside an article about the way forward for PvP, it was neglected and ignored by a big majority of players. Additionally,a female cadet on the Mobilising Armies minigame says she has found or is looking for, the source. Whether this pertains to the stone at all is unknown.

Spirit Realm
Within the Spirit Realm on the other side of the weak portal situated in Level 47 Wilderness (in the unnamed ruins south of the north-japanese volcano and east of the Demonic Ruins), an adornment on the crumbling partitions might be seen that half symbolises the Stone of Jas. The opposite half is thought to symbolise the suitable facet of the Stone. At the end of While Guthix Sleeps this similar image seems on the flooring between the three conversing Dragonkin (see picture under). This image may reveal what the Stone actually seems to be like.

In the course of the Defender of Varrock quest, Zemouregal’s gargoyle servant, Sharathteerk, states that “Your cousin Lucien could also be near finding it…” to which Zemouregal replies “I haven’t any time for the issues of fairytales.” The artefact which Lucien was close to discovering is the Stone of Jas (which he discovered within the While Guthix Sleeps quest), and lots of Mahjarrat consider it naught however a myth.

Lucien is also the present possessor of the Stone of Jas, which means he may be close to reaching godhood, as he himself claims that possession of such an object, mixed with the magic of the Employees of Armadyl and the his personal huge Mahjarrat mystical skills, would promote him to Gielinor god standing, thus mirroring the feat he had as soon as helped Zamorak perform millennia previous. He teleported the Stone away in While Guthix Sleeps.

– The Stone of Jas boosts participant’s stats to 255, which is stone island jas winter the utmost worth of the Byte variable type.
– The identify of the Stone may be an in-joke, since it is a real-life acronym for “Java Utility Server” – which did, indeed, give the world of RuneScape life.