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VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship

Japan is an island nation within the Pacific Ocean consisting of four major islands and many smaller islands. It’s a very mountainous nation comparable in dimension to California or Germany with three-fourths of the inhabitants residing in city areas.

Japan has an extended and rich historical past and the world’s longest steady monarchy, which began in 660BC by Emperor Jimmu. Japan is probably most known for its lengthy period of civil war and the Edo interval, the lengthy period of peace and isolation. In the course of the Edo Interval, samurai ruled the nation under the emperor and a shogun (warlord). This ended within the mid-1800s when America compelled Japan to reengage with the world. Following this, Japan shortly developed into an industrial nation. It used its new industrial power to try and conquer east-Asia and the pacific islands, until it was lastly defeated, ending world war 2. Following the conflict, Japan rebuilt itself as a peaceful nation and financial powerhouse.

Japanese proceed to preserve and observe lots of their conventional customs even today. A few of these traditions have develop into in style worldwide corresponding to martial arts and meditation whereas others only thrive with a select crowd equivalent to tea ceremony, calligraphy, and pottery. Festivals and religious practices additionally serve to carry on Japan’s long traditions into the modern day. Many of these festivals are very much a part of regional id and satisfaction. Modern Japanese pop tradition is also identified all through the world corresponding to world class animation, comedian books, and video games.

Miyazaki Prefecture
Miyazaki Prefecture is positioned on the east coast of the island of Kyushu, the third largest island in Japan.

Hyuga Metropolis
Stone Island Sweater In Dark GreyHyuga is a small, however prominent port metropolis in northern Miyazaki prefecture. As of March 2017, the city has an estimated inhabitants of sixty two,725 making it the 4th largest city in Miyazaki Prefecture.


Based on legend, the primary Japanese Emperor, Jimmu, came from the Island Miyazaki area. He launched his conquest of Yamato from Mimitsu (southern Hyuga) and traveled to the Kansai space.

There is a boulder of naturally fused pebbles close to the sea at Omi Shrine in Hyuga City. This is supposedly the great rock (Sazare Stone) talked about within the Japanese Nationwide Anthem.

Culture, Food, and so on.
The primary Friday and Saturday of August every year mark the Hyuga Hyottoko Summer time Festival, the largest festival in Hyuga Metropolis. For two days, central Hyuga is taken over by over 2,000 dancers and over 70,000 spectators.

The festival features the folk characters, Hyottoko, Okame and Fox, dropped at life with masks, vibrant crimson costumes and a comical dance. The Hyottoko dance has been carried out in Hyuga for lots of of years and the tradition lives on at present on this festival.

Hyuga makes use of our wealthy nature and heat temperatures by way of our agriculture and fishing. Here, you can take pleasure in contemporary and inexpensive dishes made from native specialties resembling sashimi, Miyazaki beef, Hyuga Hen, and pork.

Hyuga Solar Park Onsen is a hot spring near Hyuga the place you may chill out in an open-air bath while watching the Pacific Ocean. It is a perfect setting for athletes to calm down at the top of the day.

The history of browsing in Hyuga City began at Kanegahama Seashore within the 1960’s. In 1969, Suzuki Sanpei, a former Japan Senior Champion, stone island jacket age 15 moved to Kanegahama, Hyuga and began Board Factory.

In 1972, Hyuga native Nobuo Mimata became the all-Japan champion. Following his win, the Hyuga area gained notability and browsing continued to grow.

In 1990, the ISA World Surfing Games was held in Miyazaki. Okuragahama Seashore became much more common in the 2000’s due to the arrival of main competitions such as the All Japan Surfing Championship and WSL QS one thousand Hyuga Pro. Now, Hyuga City has grow to be one in all the top surfing spots in Japan

The contest will happen at the tip of the summer season, so anticipate mild weather. On sunny days the sunshine is robust and there are rare days when the temperature exceeds 30°C (86°F).

Typhoon season in this area usually ends round mid-September, so the possibilities of a typhoon making landfall may be very low. Typhoons make landfall in late September only as soon as every several years.