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Black Plum—Jamun (Jambul) Fruit Benefits And Makes use of

Black Plum—Jamun (Jambul) Fruit Benefits And Uses
Up to date on August 27, 2016 Rajan Singh Jolly moreRajan is a botany and chemistry main. He has labored as a poultry breeder for 23 years, breeding layer and broiler dad and mom.

Contact Author About Jamun (Jambul) and the Jamun Tree
Latin Title: Syzygium cumini
In India, the Syzygium cumini tree and its fruit are recognized variously as jamun, jambul, jaam, jambul and so on. Worldwide, it is known by another names like, java plum, black plum, indian blackberry, portuguese plum, jambolan plum, and so forth.

The jamun tree is native to India and its bordering international locations like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh Sri Lanka and even Indonesia. In 1911, this tree was launched in Florida by the USDA.

The tree grows equally well in both the tropical and the sub tropical areas. Though organised cultivation shouldn’t be done a lot, quite a lot of timber are grown individually by people having land of their backyards. Within the wild however, it grows all over India.

It is a big and hardy evergreen tree and lives for over a hundred years. It starts flowering in the month of March and continues until May. Thereafter, with the onset of monsoon in June it begins bearing fruit. The flowers are white and have a sweet fragrance.

The fruits don’t ripen at the identical time and are picked day by day. Jambul fruits resemble grapes and are oblong or ovoid in form. Solely ripe fruits are picked as they do not ripen as soon as they are picked. They have a single seed and a soft dark purple colored virtually black pores and skin and a lighter purple flesh. When eaten, the fruits coat the mouth and the tongue a deep purple shade that stays for a number of hours.. The fruit is candy and tart and leaves a slight astringent motion in the mouth.

The Jamun tree is revered by the Buddhists.
Jamun Tree in Indian Tradition

In Indian mythology, Lord Rama is believed to have subsisted on the fruits of the jamun tree throughout his 14 yr exile within the forests. Jamun is therefore also thought of the “fruit of the Gods”.

Lord Krishna’s pores and skin shade was shyam (purple) and is compared to the fruit’s coloration in the Indian Sanskrit epic “Mahabharata”.

The leaves are used to decorate marriage pandals. (A pandal is a temporary fabricated structure to hold events like weddings, prayers, meetings etc).

Down South in India, in the Telegu tradition, eyes that are beautiful, are in comparison with this fruit.
Makes use of of the Jamun Tree
All the elements of the jamun or jambul tree discover a wide variety of uses.

The wood is exceptionally sturdy and water resistant. Hence, it’s used to make bullock cart wheels and agricultural implements. It is also utilized in home building.

It is used to make railway sleepers (picket planks on which the steel rails are laid). Water pumps which are located in wells are also supported by planks made from this wooden.

Furniture can also be made from the wooden, although not much, because the wooden is tough to work upon.
The wooden is used as firewood and yields charcoal too.

The leaves are utilized in a wide range of tooth powder brands. They’re additionally used as fodder for cattle, sheep and goats.Additionally they act as food for tassar silkworms. The important oils are used in cleaning soap making and perfumes.

The bark, leaves and fruits are used medicinally. The bark is used in tanning and dyeing industries. The flowers attract bees and are a source of honey.

The flowers are wealthy in nectar and yield high quality honey when apiculture is done shut by.
Jams, jellies, squashes, preserves, vinegar, juices, beverages, pickles and wine are made from the jamun fruits.

Nutrients in Jamun or Jambul
The ripe Jambul fruit contains Glucose width:520px;top:250px” knowledge-ad-consumer=”ca-pub-8803342555369427″ knowledge-ad-host=”pub-6958755572607374″> Associated
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sendingChristine Nabuguzi, Uganda 7 months in the past
thanks for sharing

Harrilal Sookoo three years ago
Wow wow wow Unbeliveable a lot frqm one fruit wowAdd Your Comment…

brij 3 years in the past
thanks for sharing such a necessary and wholesome information.

dheeraj pahuja three years in the past
if a pregnant lady having vommting feeling during her pregnnc can drink jamun juice..

samir three years in the past
Muje kidney stone ki drawback h kya jamun vinager se ye drawback showl ho sakti h .. stone nikal sakta h

shivi three years ago
very good information

Dmitry, you should buy jamun seeds from Amazon.
Shiv, eating both collectively will cause launch of both acidic and alkaline juices resulting in disturbance in digestion.

shiv 3 years ago
Thanks for the detailed data… My query is what happens if we drink milk aft eating jambul I do know Its not good fr health… But wat actually happens

Dmitry three years ago
Good day! Dear friends, please inform me where I can purchase the seeds of this tree Thanks!

AuthorRajan Singh Jolly three years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.
Thanks for the enter and glad for you, Neha.

NEHA GANESH DHOLE three years ago
i fallow your advice and now i am free from renal stone

navas 4 years ago
expensive sir, I took seed powder for diabetic, pay your advise for the quantity and time to take this powder and inform how shell we eat.

Priyanka, milk and jamun shouldn’t be taken collectively.
Priyanka Thakur 4 years ago

kya jamun juice milk me dal okay pi sakate he ya ice cream bana k kha sakate he
Bharati, your comments will likely be reassuring to many readers. So thanks for sharing them here and in addition letting us know about the Tel jambhala. I admire your studying and commenting. 4 years ago
Thanks for the data on Jamun. My mum keeps all of the seeds, dries them and used the powder as a medicine for her diabetes. Every season we eat jamuns. There are bigger size stone island grey beanie jamuns additionally in Goa (referred to as Tel jambhala) which have further medicinal properties.

Bharati Pawaskar, Goa
Glenn, thanks for the addition to the data right here. Admire your visit.

Sorry; “the varsity”, ” we used”.
I believe you too can find the Jamun tree in (British) GUYANA, a neighbour nation of SURINAME and on the Caribbean island,TRINIDAD and TOBAGGO trigger they also have a huge population of descendants of Hindu contract employees from the late 18 century.

Glenn( living in Belgium)
Glenn four years ago

I was born in SURINAME a rustic at the highest of Southamerica. From there i do know the Jamun Berry. We have now a big population of Hindus immigrants in Suriname and they introduced the plant there within the late 18 century.

There was a Jamun tree on the back of the varsity yard and we usted to take the berries home. I liked the purple tongue they brought on.

Thanks Susan.

Susan four years in the past from India
Very informative hub. thanks for sharing it. Voted up

AuthorRajan Singh Jolly four years in the past from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.
Thanks vela.

vela 4 years ago
one small fruit is doing large work .so the fruit is educate to confedence and is related to life .

“one small man is doing huge work
one small fruit is doing huge benefit”

Hello Priyanka,

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There have been any conclusive research on jamun vinegar as decreasing obesity. It is believed that taking this vinegar with food increase the feeling of being full and prevents overeating. Consumption of 15 ml jamun vinegar could scale back obesity but I would not suggest it.

You should use it rather than the conventional vinegar as you’d use it usually.
Thanks for reading.

dr. priyanka 5 years ago
hlo rajan,plz tell me d benefits of jamun vinegar in obesity

Thanks for giving the hub a learn Seema.
seema 5 years ago

Thanks so much
RJ, there aren’t any contraindications for jamun consumption during pregnancy. However it’s best to consult your doctor earlier than you start consuming them.

Thanks for studying and appreciating the article.
RJ 5 years ago

Very informative hubpost. Can jamun be taken throughout pregnancy
I agree the purple tinge takes some time to go dinkan. Hope you strive the jamun smoothie drink.

Thank you for sparing time to read, appreciate and vote. A lot appreciated.
dinkan53 5 years ago from India

Had lot of it throughout my childhood days, summer season. The fruit normally leaves a purple stain in the tongue. I had solely the fruits and considered one of nowadays I’ll give a try to those JAMUN SMOOTHIE and drink. Thanks for the recipe. Rated up and attention-grabbing.

Thanks for studying raskal.
raskal 5 years ago

grt data
Racksjackson, glad you found it informative. I appreciative your stopping by and comments.

racksjackson 5 years in the past from New York
Thanks for sharing details about jamun and their advantages . I knew jamun for cures of sugar patients .After reading this Hub Publish , I’ve known several advantages jamun.

Following You and voting Up !
Midnightbliss, jamuns in any form are wholesome. I’m glad you appreciated the jamun smoothie recipe. Now you possibly can an excellent combination stone island grey beanie of style and health on this smoothie. Take pleasure in.

Thanks for stopping by.
Haydee Anderson 5 years in the past from Hermosa Seashore

Thanks for sharing and providing the recipe for making a Jamun smoothie. Sounds yummy!
anglnwu, nature has supplied us foods which might be pure healers. We just need to look around. I respect your go to and comments. Thanks.

Rahul, glad to be taught you’re a lover of this fruit. Thanks for the giving the hub a read and appreciating it in so many phrases.

Mary, jamun does grow in tropical areas. I’m sure you simply have to look round to search out some. I actually respect your read and feedback. Many thanks.

flashmakeit, I hope you try the smoothie recipe. Thanks for stopping by.
Vinaya – thanks to your feedback and help. Much appreciated.

anglnwu 5 years ago
Very attention-grabbing hub. I like reading about how nature can provide healing and the jamun fruit is sort of amazing. Thanks for shairng–rated up.

Jessee R 5 years ago from Gurgaon, India
Gosh! This is some information you possess. Virtually quite about every thing!

Another Great hub! I attack and plunder jamuns of their season… studying this… I’ll devastate them 🙂

An excellent hub Sir!
Mary Hyatt 5 years ago from Florida

Wow! What an fascinating and informative Hub. I dwell in S. Florida (tropical) and surprise if this fruit would grow here. I’ve by no means seen it rising here. I noticed it can be utilized for making vinegar and can assist prevent kidney stones. I think you learn my Hub about that. You probably did loads of research and work into this Hub, and that i will definitely vote it UP, etc.and so on.

flashmakeit 5 years in the past from usa
Rajan that was a really helpful and informative hub. The black plum appears to be like tasty and it has a well being benefit too and thanks for adding a smoothie recipe.

Vinaya Ghimire 5 years ago from Nepal
I really like jamun. I’ve grown jamun bushes in my orchard.

Thanks for sharing well being advantages.
Hello John. I additionally like to provide info about wholesome fruits less identified outside the Asian subcontinent. Thanks for giving it a read and assist. Thanks for all the votes as well.

JCielo 5 years in the past from England
Rajan! What a unbelievable hub! I had never heard of this tree or its fruit. Thanks so much for enlightening me. Voted up, attention-grabbing and useful.

Sandra, do I really like your comment lol! Much appreciated. Thanks for studying and loving.
Sandra Busby 5 years in the past from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

Keep all of the data you may have — that’s typically hard for most of us to search out — coming. Adore it. Thanks.

AuthorRajan Singh Jolly 5 years in the past from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.
Hello Christy, so glad you liked the hub. Thanks for all the votes and taking time to read and comment.

Christy Birmingham 5 years in the past from British Columbia, Canada
What a helpful hub, filled with data! I vote up and interesting.