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Well-known British Authors

Which well-known British authors made it to The large Learn A survey carried out in 2003 by the BBC to reveal the UK’s best-loved book What novels are they well-known for And which of their books had been in the highest 200 listing

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There are a few things to consider, although, if you wish to take pleasure in reading the novels written by the most effective-loved, well-known British authors. First, determine the place your pursuits lie. You may be concerned with contemporary novelists, or perhaps you are extra intrigued by classic writers Works of English literature originating previous to World Struggle II is taken into account by most to be classical in nature, whereas novels written during or after that war could be referred to as contemporary fiction. An example of a classic author would be Chaucer and Ernest Hemingway is a contemporary.

One other consideration is perhaps which genres curiosity you most. Loosely defined these fall into ten classes: action-journey, crime, detective, fantasy, horror, thriller, romance, science fiction, thriller or western. Relying on what you find entertaining and that which grabs your attention, this may be an necessary issue when contemplating reading novels by an author you might be as yet unfamiliar with.

You additionally need to know the common themes related to the writing of fictional work; they embody Imagination, Identity, Conflict, Love, Humour, Belonging, Time, Faith and Place. Be aware that many novels revolve round one or more of these themes and that a number of themes may be the main target of just one e Stone Island News book. One creator shouldn’t be considered because the quintessential romanticist, humourist, or even imaginative writer as every author typically considers a mix of themes and advanced ideas when making a novel so consider exploring these ideas earlier than deciding to ‘pigeon-gap’ particular writers with a selected theme or style.

Listed here are ten randomly selected authors from the books nominated in The big Learn.
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien – The winner was indubitably Lord of the Rings by this fantasy author. Tolkien’s The Hobbit also made the highest one hundred. Other works of Tolkien include The Silmarillion.

Terry Pratchett – Britain’s comic fantasy author had fourteen of his titles in that checklist: Mort, Good Omens, Guards! Guards! Evening Watch, The color of Magic, Small Gods, Reaper Man, Wyrd Sisters, Hogfather, Males At Arms, Thief of Time, The Fifth Elephant, The truth and Witches Abroad.

Joanne Ok. Rowling – A fantasy author of Harry Potter fame was another novelist with four titles making the grade: Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets and techniques and Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban.

Jacqueline Wilson – Another novelist to not be ignored, a writer of kids’s books; also with fourteen titles of distinction: The Story of Tracy Beaker, Double Act, Vicky Angel, Girls In Love, The Illustrated Mum, The Dare Recreation, Bad Women, Lola Rose, Women In Tears, Sleepovers, Secrets and techniques, Girls Out Late, Dustbin Child and The Suitcase Kid. Wilson’s novels are usually life like stories about trendy British youngsters dealing with issues in their day by day lives. In 2005 this author was announced as the Children’s Laureate.

Charlotte Bront – Three of the five Bront sisters turned romance writers. Charlotte’s Jane Eyre made the highest 21.

Emily Bront – Emily’s Wuthering Heights also made the highest 21 but alas Anne’s Agnes Gray missed the boat! For a family plagued with sickness these sisters had been remarkably successful.

Charles Dickens – These seven Dickens’ masterpieces were given a ‘thumbs up!’ Nice Expectations, David Copperfield, A Christmas Carol, A Tale Of Two Cities, Bleak Home, The Pickwick Papers and Oliver Twist. Amongst other works he’s remembered also for 2 of his different major contributions to literature: The Life and Adventures of Nicolas Nickleby and The Outdated Curiosity Shop. Besides Grasp Twist the likes of such characters as Ebenezer Scrooge, Fagin, Mrs. Gamp, Charles Darnay, Micawber, Abel Magwitch, Pecksniff, Miss Havisham and Wackford Squeers will doubtless stay on without end by his books.

Lewis Carroll – Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, made it to the top one hundred, impressed by a younger woman named Alice Liddell, is among the many books really useful. Different works from Carroll embrace By The Looking-Glass and Jabberwocky.

Robert Louis Stevenson – With the exception of this Scotsman (and South African stone island ajcket born J.R.R. Tolkien), all other novelists mentioned right here were English. Stevenson’s Treasure Island was naturally thought-about one the very best-loved books written by a British author. His different well-known books include Kidnapped, The Body Snatcher and The Unusual Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Jane Austen stone island ajcket – Austen’s Pride and Prejudice made it to the top 21. Other important romantic fiction novels written by Austen embrace Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park and Emma.

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