Stone Island 30/30 Multi Jacket

Garment-Dyed Coat In BlueFirmament is proud to current to you the 30/30 multi jacket from none aside from Stone Island. A testament to a few many years of exploration and development. It has been designed to embody the spirit of Stone Island’s infinite creativity. Linked by the signature looped rigging system, both the jacket shell and jacket liner are reversible. These can be worn, either collectively or alone, in a total of 10 different ways. 2014 The transformative properties of the fabrics mean that these 10 methods can each be worn in three totally different states: Ice, Reflective, and Regular, resulting in a total of 30 completely different jacket modes. The quite a few details, such because the reversible cuff and liner button, have been specially engineered to ensure the graceful operation of all jacket options in each worn state. The inclusion of both natural and man made face fabrics, in addition to engineered knit and down elements, be certain that the jacket can be worn throughout the broadest spectrum of climates and conditions.

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