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Some Semi-treasured Gemstones

Amethyst -Greek “Amethystos”, translation-‘not drunken’, the stone was believed by the Ancient Greeks to prevent intoxication.

Description- Amethyst is a purple stone, ranging in shade from pale pinkish-violet to deep purple
Characteristics of the Gem- Made from an elementary composition of silicon dioxide and vitreous luster, it can be found in alluvial deposits. Amethyst has a trigonal crystal structure with a hardness on the Moh scale of 7.

Holistic Benefits- Improves and strengthens the immune system, diminishes complications and stress. Supplies internal peace and stability throughout the body. Beneficial for intuition and inspiration.

Gem Folklore- The Greek God Dionysus (God of intoxication) grew to become offended and vowed revenge on any mortal who he came throughout. Ravishing Amethyst got here along and the gods turned her into the gemstone, saving her from a murderous attack.

Sourcing- mined in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Zambia, Namibia and other African countries
Historical past- Amethysts are inlaid within the British Crown jewels, Egyptian royalty and jewellery of Catherine the good. The Victorian era saw the amethyst rise in recognition.

Zodiac & Birthstone- Pisces (Feb19-March 20)
Garnet – derivation more than likely from Latin, ‘Granatum’ (pomegranate), the pulp and seeds of the fruit are related in shade to the Garnet.

Description – A bunch of gemstones with related crystal structure and chemical compounds with a wide range of colors besides blue. Essentially the most properly-recognized is the rholdolite Garnet, ranging in colour from pink to pink-violet.

Characteristics of the Gem- determining the precise chemical composition of the garnet is difficult, the reliance on colour and refractive index is used for classification. Basic pink stones are Almandine, Rhodolite or Pyrope. Garnets have vitreaous luster and 7.5 Moh hardness.

Holistic Advantages- used for regenerating the bloodstream, offers courage and assistance in accepting love. Creativity stimulant.

Sourcing- Garnet may be present in Mexico, Australia, Switzerland, Tanzania, Brazil, Burma, Arizona, South Africa and Scotland.

Zodiac & Birthstone – Aquarius (Jan 20 Feb 19) Month: January
Turquoise – 13c. ‘turqueise’ meaning Turkish stone- late Middle English, Old French. Also Persian ‘Firouze’, the identify given the gem.

Description- intensely greenish-blue or paler sky-blue
Characteristics of the gem- Turquoise is considerably porous and opaque. It is a hydrated hydroxyl phosphate of copper and aluminum that’s formed by leaching meteoric or groundwater through aluminous rock. It reads 6 on Moh’s scale.

Holistic Properties- assists in tissue regeneration, helps nutrients absorb into the physique. Protects towards toxins and pollutants.

Folklore- the historical Greeks believed turquoise protected the wearer from evil by changing color.
Sourcing- Persia, US, Mexico, Tibet, Russia, Chile and Australia

History- 3200BC Egyptians mined Turquoise within the Sinai and Tibetans sculpted ritual objects out of Turquoise. Montezuma’s Grave and treasure assortment contains Turquoise.

Zodiac & Birthstone- Sagittarius, December
Peridot- yellow-green to olive inexperienced gemstone.

Characteristics of the Gem- A volcanic gemstone, Peridot is derived from olivine- a species of magnesium-iron rich silicate minerals. Moh’s hardness score 6.5 with a vitreous to oily luster.

Holistic Properties- stimulates personal growth and consciousness, protecting the wearer in opposition to cynicism and garnering assertiveness.

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Folklore- The Romans prescribed administering medicines out of goblets made of Peridot would strengthen the treatment. It was also called ‘night stone’ because the color of the gem does not fade at evening nor by lamplight.

Sourcing- Burma, Brazil, USA, South Africa, St.John’s Island, China and Norway.
Historical spike island the stone roses past- The Crusaders brought the earliest recognized Peridot gems to Europe from St. John’s Island within the Red Sea (54 km.

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