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The Statue Of Liberty – On The Screen

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sendingAuthorSteve Lensman 5 years ago from London, England

Cogerson, avi or AVI is a video file format for computer systems, like MKV, WMV and MPEG. You’ve got heard of Quicktime absolutely Apple film trailers in quicktime No I’m not talking another language! 😉

I am shocked Remo hasn’t been re-optioned for more massive display shenanigans, problem is that if I remember the film the hero didn’t use guns, his physique was his weapon and he might dodge bullets. Right now’s young moviegoers weaned on violent computer video games may not settle for a hero who does not have an uzi in every hand and a bazooka strapped to his again.

I am positive your copy of the Deluge is very rare….I’ve never even heard of avi format. As for Men in Black II that film was so forgettable I do not likely remember something about it apart from it was really actually dangerous and really brief.

Keith Abt 5 years in the past from The Garden State
Hahaha, wow, I thought I used to be the only one who remembered “Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins!”

Cogerson, I’ve a murky grainy copy of Deluge on avi format, the place I received it from I can’t remember but it’s uncommon. It in all probability by no means gets shown on Tv. I would not be surprised if youtube has your entire film for viewing.

Males in Black II was one other I did not embody, I couldn’t get a great shot of the statue.
RedElf, thanks for commenting. I’ve by no means read the books, The Destroyer series, there were over a hundred titles last time I looked!!

RedElf 5 years ago from Canada
Funny! At the very least three of us noticed Remo Williams – it was on late-late one night when I was babysitting… what can I say. The books were better. Great show stone island clothing for sale on gumtree hub!

I needed to look up Deluge as I had by no means even heard of the film before your hub. As for Batman Endlessly, I have no recollection of that scene, granted it has been many years since I’ve seen the movie. The rest of the motion pictures you talked about I vividly remember every of them.

I agree with you about Splash you barely see the Statue of Liberty….and there have been a lot better things to take a look at in that scene.

Cogerson, Optimus, Cyndi10, thanks for the feedback, they’re appreciated.
Cogerson, a hub gallery on Lady Liberty was overdue even if she is proven battered or frozen or submerged and her head used as a soccer by invading monsters. 🙂

I did go away a few movies out, Splash was considered one of them, the only shot I wished to make use of from that movie was Daryl Hannah out of the sea and nekkid but you could barely see the statue (who groaned ).

Optimus (I am going to wager that is not your actual name!) I was a fan of Remo in my video renting days, Fred Ward as Remo and Joel Gray as Chiun made an awesome workforce. Disgrace there wasn’t a sequel.

Cindy, hi, Saboteur is value watching, it has one of Hitchcock’s favourite themes, an innocent man on the run from the cops and attempting to catch the real perpetrators.

Cynthia B Turner 5 years ago from Georgia
Whats up, nice visuals of the Statue of Liberty. Good research to search out these. I guess the Statue is like the watch, Timex I consider it is – she “takes a licking and retains on ticking.” My favourite scene is Independence Day. It appeared so claustrophobic with the ship blocking nearly every little thing. Due to you and Cogerson, I am going to look at Saboteur earlier than the week is out. Thanks for sharing the article.

optimus grimlock 5 years in the past
nice hub!!!! remo williams i thought i used to be the just one who noticed that movie lol

Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia
Wow I had no concept that the Statue of Liberty had been such an vital part of so many movies. I would say my favorites are from the Planet of the Apes….and what a manner to end a film….as it allows the viewers to figure out the ending just as Charlton Heston is learning the reality as nicely….probably the greatest endings ever….I still don’t understand the Tim Burton ending of his Planet of the Apes.

Remo Williams….I love how they took one thing that was really occurring(the touch up job she was getting in actual life) and included it in a film. Remo Williams was directed by the identical guy that directed many James Bond motion pictures and the hope was it might start a new franchise….The title is Williams, Remo Williams…simply doesn’t have the same ring to it.

And rounding out my third favourite can be Hitchcock’s Saboteur…an ideal finale and one he would repeat in North by Northwest.

Very interesting in regards to the poster for Escape To New York and Cloverfield….it appears that evidently the producers of Cloverfield did use the poster as an inspiration…..which seeing the head of the Statue of Liberty bouncing down the road in Cloverfield is one among the higher elements of that movie.

A very fascinating and fun hub that you have created, Steve. Voted up fascinating and helpful…..did the film Splash have a Statue of Liberty scene….oh by no means mind that’s film that stars the actor we don’t mention….lol.

Thanks Rob, glad you preferred it.
Rob 5 years in the past from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

Enjoyable idea for a hub. You reminded me of quite a lot of scenes I’d forgotten about. Good research. Nice footage.

Hey thanks Jools, this hub concept popped into my head late final evening and i rushed to finish it whereas I was nonetheless inquisitive about it. One other day and I might have discovered one thing else to do. 🙂

The thought got here from screenshot quizzes I used to compile on my old movie discussion board, where the screenshots would have a specific topic and members needed to guess which movies they got here from… aah recollections.

Jools99 5 years in the past from North-East UK
Steve, really interesting hub and the photos are amazing. Off to learn your Nice Escape hub now, how’d I miss it I am getting some weirs ‘unfollow’ stuff happening over the last few days, I’ve most likely pressed the wrong key somewhere…voted up!

Thanks for commenting Rain Defence, a lot appreciated.
Fron what I’ve read the statue is hollow with a steel framework, her pores and skin is made from copper!

Rain Defence 5 years in the past from UK
The funny thing about a number of these footage is that in some of the films the place she has been knocked over, in some way the crown spikes have turn into bent. How that might happen to stone I don’t know!

I like articles like this.
Sure they’re all the time knocking her down but she’s all the time up, ready and composed for the subsequent movie, what a professional!

Thanks for commenting Acer, it is appreciated amigo.
Mentalist acer 5 years in the past from A Voice in your Mind!

The Majestic Grey Lady seems to take a licking but she sure does fill a scene…she’s an awesome actress…Oscar!Oscar!.;-))

Good day Flora, hmmm I do know it is not Cloverfield… let me see aah it is Ghostbusters no wait.. Saboteeeuur. Love that ending with Lloyd hanging over the torch, his sleeve tearing…

FloraBreenRobison 5 years in the past
Hmmm. I wonder which use of The Statue of Liberty you point out is my favourite…..hmmm. Hahaha. 🙂 I think we all know. It can be my favourite even in the event you hadn’t mentioned it.

I recognize you visiting my hub of Liberty. 🙂
peepingtomb 5 years ago

Nice photographs and references. Thanks!
No problem. They hoped that viewers would see the resemblance to the Escape poster. So you probably did. lol

AuthorSteve Lensman 5 years in the past from London, England
Thanks for that little bit of data Nickalooch! I used to be questioning about that.

And thank you YadiraE.
YadiraE 5 years in the past from Puerto Rico

Fascinating hub! The Statue of Liberty is the right picture to show in movies to inform the viewer the place the scene is going down.

Nickalooch 5 years in the past from Columbia, MD
the half in Cloverfield was inspired by Escape from New York.JJ Abrams and the director pointed that out after the primary trailer i consider

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