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Photos of Rock Island U.S. Military Arsenal in Illinois ~ Civil Warfare History + Confederate Cemetery
Up to date on October 2, 2017 Peggy Woods moreI stay in Houston, and I have labored as a nurse. My pursuits embody touring, reading, gardening, cooking, and our great pets.

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Within the year 1990 when visiting my aunt and uncle in Bettendorf, Iowa my mother, niece and i were taken to Rock Island, Illinois for a day of academic sightseeing.

Rock Island and Moline, Illinois join Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa because the group forming the so-called Quad Cities within the midwest portion of our nation. Stone Island Rock Island homes an energetic U.S. Army Arsenal.

This island sits sandwiched between the mighty Mississippi River and the Rock River.
Rock Island Arsenal
Click on thumbnail to view full-dimension The gorgeous white limestone buildings on Rock Island were constructed in the 1800s for probably the most part. One constructing I seen had the date 1867 inscribed onto the edifice. The stone was acquired from close by sources.

These limestone buildings are all a part of the U.S. Military Munitions and Chemical Command.
On the time of our go to, we have been knowledgeable that this was the third largest active arsenal in the United States.

About 6,000 individuals are employed right here manufacturing gear as well as ordinance for our army forces on this 946 acre island.

If one wants to delve a bit additional into the historical past of this explicit site, there’s the Rock Island Arsenal Museum which was originated in 1905. Over 1100 weapons are on display. A few of these weapons that can be seen are domestic as well as international.

Rock Island Arsenal (Tells a lot concerning the historical past and current shadow project stone island day.)
Moreover weaponry, one can study much about the constructing of Fort Armstrong which was initially on the island until it was destroyed by fireplace in 1855.

The Black Hawk Battle between Indians and the ever enlarging United States (at that period of time) is portrayed in the museum.

Extra data concerning the Confederate Prison Camp which was located right here in the course of the years 1863 to 1865 of the Civil Warfare may be learned.

The people involved and the manufacturing processes from the previous are also depicted within the Rock Island Arsenal Museum.

We have been walking the grounds while we have been viewing the Confederate grave markers, when immediately the bottom started to reverberate and we soon found out the reason. We heard them and felt them below our ft before we really noticed the tanks that started to roll previous us on some navy train. The deep rumbling sound accompanies the earth shaking expertise.

This was a brand new piece of personally acquired knowledge for me! There would be little question during any kind of warfare involving using tanks that the opposing force would readily know when these noisy and heavy tanks were approaching. In different phrases there could be no probability of a stealth assault!

The photographs below present some of the tanks and other gear out there for up-shut viewing. The history of warfare comes alive when seeing these sinister wanting appliances adorning the grounds of Rock Island Arsenal.

Click thumbnail to view full-measurement Fort Armstrong and Black Hawk
Fort Armstrong was one of the unique frontier posts that had been built after the warfare of 1812. At occasions the inhabitants of the fort was decimated by diseases like cholera which ran unchecked in those days. A fireplace finally destroyed the fort in 1855.

A historic plaque has been erected marking the site of Fort Armstrong on Rock Island.
The Black Hawk Conflict ended in 1832 between the Sauk and Fox Indians and the United States government who desired the lands the Indians had occupied.

Black Hawk was a well-known Indian War Chief.
The Treaty of Fort Armstrong was agreed to on this site and the Indians gave up land west of the Mississippi River (some 6 million acres!) and ceded it to the United States.

After gaining much notoriety and being taken to Washington, D.C. to satisfy with President Andrew Jackson of the United States, Black Hawk along with his tribe retired peacefully and lived out the remainder of their lives on a reservation in Iowa.

However previous to that he was paraded through a lot of the northeast as an oddity. Many white folks had by no means previously seen an Indian!

Black Hawk was an interesting individual and we’ve the benefit of many portraits and books written about his life. He’s even credited with authoring the very first autobiography by an American Indian.

The famous Indian, Black Hawk, will continue to be known because immediately many faculties and other buildings are named after this most historic of figures in American history.

Click thumbnail to view full-measurement Cemeteries on Rock Island
During the time of the Civil War, many Confederate prisoners of conflict had been despatched to the detention camp on Rock Island the place they had been held until the top of the war.

Circumstances had been quite primitive in the beginning as prisoners started arriving before the camp was totally arrange and operational. As time progressed more issues were put into place for sanitary causes, housing, and so forth.

A complete of about 12,000 prisoners were detained there and nearly 2,000 of them didn’t survive to leave when the struggle was ended.

Much of this was as a consequence of illness, but a part of it was as a consequence of deprivation of food as “punishment” for a way the Union troopers have been treated in one other camp. Inhumane efforts on the part of the Confederates holding Union prisoners of conflict spilled over to equally dangerous therapy of their own comrades who had been imprisoned once this turned recognized. “Tit for tat” as the previous saying goes or from the biblical saying “An eye fixed for a watch.”

Because of this there will not be solely a Veteran’s Cemetery on Rock Island for about 18,000 troopers who served the United States, but there can also be a Confederate Cemetery in a separate section of Rock Island that’s equally properly maintained.

This is were we have been walking when the tanks rolled by with their thunderous presence.
One fascinating be aware: When wanting at the Confederate grave markers we noticed the factors on the tops of the markers. Supposedly that was intentional in order to keep Union troopers from being ready to take a seat comfortably on prime of the gravestones!

Rock Island Golf Course
The army base on Rock Island has a nice trying golf course and what makes this one a bit unusual are the golf tees.

They have pink and white golf tees shaped like bullets!
Lock and Dam Visitor Heart on Rock Island
Lock and Dam # 15 is fifteenth in a chain of twenty-seven similar locks and dams starting in St. Paul, Minnesota and operating right down to Granite City, Illinois. About 60,000 people annually go to this site and there is no such thing as a entrance price.

There are exhibits relating to the Mississippi River and the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ part in the construction and maintenance of those sites.

Click thumbnail to view full-size One can readily view the operation of the locks as ships regularly go by this a part of the mighty Mississippi River. The Iowa and the Illinois sides of the river can simply be viewed from this perspective.

We ended this particular day of sightseeing by going to the Jubilee which is “The Quad Cities’ Floating Island of Glass on the Mississippi.” Fine dining in a casual atmosphere is what they advertise and my aunt and uncle handled us to an excellent meal there.

It was fun watching the paddle boats and other water vessels move up and down the river as we were consuming and visiting. After we completed dining, my niece took all of our leftover bread from the table and went outdoors and had some enjoyable feeding the ducks who quickly gathered by her side.

Hope you loved your go to to this explicit area of the nation (via this put up) and learned a little history. When you preferred this, please leave a remark.

Rock Island Arsenal with the large show of navy machines and weaponry together with the beautifully kept cemeteries will reside in my memory together with the attention-grabbing history that accompanies that location for a while.

Have you ever ever visited the Rock Island Arsenal

No, but it appears to be like interesting and I might like to visit there.
See outcomes – U.S. Army Arsenal Rock Island, IL, USA get instructions

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sendingAuthorPeggy Woods 18 months ago from Houston, Texas
Will have to take a look. Thanks!

There is a Hub about a Confederate Cemetary in Lynchburg, VA. The author is Don Bobbitt.
AuthorPeggy Woods 18 months ago from Houston, Texas

Hello Robert,
I could have to start listening to see if all Confederate gravestones are pointed at the highest. Interesting that they are also pointed in Arlington Nationwide Cemetery. Thanks for that information.

Robert Sacchi 18 months in the past
A very interesting article about Rock Island. In shadow project stone island Arlington National Cemetary the Confederate headstones are additionally pointed.

AuthorPeggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas
Hi Don,

I just added the hyperlink to your hub into mine also. I actually favored studying more about that swinging bridge width:300px;height:250px” information-advert-consumer=”ca-pub-7547369567510288″ knowledge-page-url=”//–Illinois—Arsenal–Extra” knowledge-ad-slot=”1186173963″>

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