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Human History And Palaeoenvironmental Change At Site 17, Freshwater Beach, Lizard Island, Northeast Queensland, Australia

Stone Island Spring Men Fashion Sweater In Dark GreyLentfer, Carol J.Felgate, Matthew W.Mills, Robynne A.and Specht, Jim (2013) Human history and palaeoenvironmental change at Site 17, Freshwater Beach, Lizard Island, northeast Queensland, Australia. Queensland Archaeological Analysis, 16. pp. 141-164.

Late Holocene patterns of change in occupation and use of islands alongside the japanese coast of Queensland have lengthy been debated in terms of various drivers, though a lot of this dialogue relates to regions south of Cairns, with comparatively little examine of the far northern Nice Barrier Reef Stone Island Vests islands. The quite a few middens, stone preparations and artwork websites on Lizard Island recommend long-term use by Indigenous individuals, but recent discoveries of pottery give tantalising glimpses of a prehistoric previous which will have included a prehistoric economy involving pottery. Right here we outlet stone island di indonesia evaluation previous archaeological surveys and research on Lizard Island and report on new archaeological and palaeoenvironmental studies from the positioning 17 midden at Freshwater Beach, with an oldest date of 3815-3571 cal BP. We identify two major adjustments within the archaeological and palaeoenvironmental information, one related to more moderen European influences and the opposite at c.2000 cal BP. Pottery from the intertidal zone is as yet undated. When dates change into out there the connection between the positioning 17 results reported right here and using pottery on the island could also be clarified.